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Was it ever explained how the first stone came about? Do they have a "Origin"? If I recall correctly, The Stranger was the first person to come across the gem, then Adam Warlock. I know that The Collector was the first one to mention The Elders during The Korvac Saga. I know that The Gardener always had one. Didn't Moondragon also have one BEFORE Thanos got the Gauntlet? When (And how.) did The Elders start getting a hold of them? Thanks.

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Unless it was nowretconned, the origen was that there was aSupreme being, Infinity Being, like the original Beyonder, who grew bored and lonely, and commited Cosmic suicide, and a part of Him went into each of the so called Infinity gems.
Basically, all combined equaled Suprene Being again...
Added a 7th Gem, called Nemesis, in the Ultraverse...

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and rather accurately too.

Given that the Soul Gem/Stone has NOT appeared in the movies yet and that Adam Warlock is coming in Guardians 3, I predict that Thanos in Infinity War will have obtained the other 5 and that Adam will be in Avengers 4 with the Soul Gem/stone.

In the comics the gems/stones started with Adam Warlock and his soul gem and its deus ex machina unknown powers.

Then 5 others are created and Thanos gathered their energies to make his synthetic gem to wipe out the stars one at a time for Death.

Warlock puts down Thanos.

Thanos returns years later, learns the true nature of the gems, gathers them and names them Infinity Gems and builds the gauntlet.

Surfer and Drax get pulled into the soul gem and Surfer alerts Warlock to the threat of Thanos and Warlock sends them back and vows to join them in the battle. Warlock's time in the gem enabled him to understand his own cosmic powers better as well as nature of the gems. Having spent so much time in the gems makes him the undisputed master of the soul gem and links him to the other 5.

Though they say Warlock is not in Avengers 3, he likely will be in Avengers 4 and be the key to stopping Thanos......IF the movies stick with comic lore.

Captain Mar-Vell stopped Thanos when he had the Cosmic Cube

Thanos survived that and was later turned to stone by Warlock.

Thanos' ghost is sent by Death to collect Mar-Vell

Thanos is later fully revived by Death and he builds the gauntlet only to be thwarted by Warlock.

years later in Annihilation, Drax finally fulfills his destiny of killing Thanos but Thanos was later revived.

The Drax we currently have in the movies is NOT capable of taking down Thanos unless there is a major revelation and upgrade coming for him.

No one else presently shown has the sheer might to stand against Thanos for long, with or without the gauntlet.

But Adam Warlock is coming....

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I posted a response to this in the Marvel forum, that if a history of the Infinity Stones within the comics expands to include the MCU, then the Eye of Agamatto and the Cosmic Cube from the 60’s would predate Warlock’s soul gem. As would the Soul Stone if it turns up we did see it in Wakanda in the movie without knowing it: either the Heart-Shaped Herb or something to do with the Ancestral Plane, or Vibranium even.

It is likely that we won’t see Adam Warlock until GotG3, which comes out after Avengers4. And we know from the trailers that Thanos attacks Wakanda. The Mind Stone on Vision’s forehead would make the Soul Stone on Warlock repetitive. And the Aether has already established an odd shape for a Stone. Also the Herb would fulfil the H in the spelling-Thanos theory.

Not saying I’m totally sold on this theory, but no, I don’t think we’ll see Warlock in Avengers4 outside of maybe an after-credits scene.

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Drax, in the films, also is not tied by a cosmic being into destroying Thanos. He hated Ronan and change his goal at the end of Guardians to Thanos but seemed to me Annihilation he just finally was equipped with the best way to stop Thanos finally.

Look Raist bunnies...
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Yes in Annihilation he seemed more evolved in terms of his skill but his raw power seems diminished until his kill Thanos energy gets activated and he dispatches the Titan.

Drax in his first life was an even match for Thanos but was hampered by his "MUST KILL THANOS" programming and urges. He wasn't stupid just single minded when he locked onto his target.

In his second life, yes he was more like a cosmic powered HULK. massive power boost but his previous death changed this new incarnation into a dimwitted buffoon and Kronos really didn't take note or care to fix it until Moondragon and Drax confronted Kronos years later in The Cosmic Powers series.

Then Drax evolves/alters into his present form sometime after that.

Now supposedly he has had enough of battle and seeks to guard the power stone which is a bit ironic given that he was its guardian in the infinity watch.

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