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Subj: The true nature of the Soul Gem
Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2021 at 04:21:27 pm EDT (Viewed 257 times)

I've been putting some though into the nature of the Infinity Gems lately, and I started with the Soul Gem, since it's unique among the 6.

The Soul Gem proved to be aggressive, manipulative and hungry very early on in it's history with Adam Warlock. It WANTED to steal souls, and it seemed to have a history of slowly sucking away at the soul and/or willpower of it's wearer, until it was in charge.

The vampiric, greedy nature of the gem as it interacts with Warlock seems a odds with the utopian world inside the gem. Everyone whose soul is stolen by the gem ends up in this peaceful, idyllic existence, where everyone is at peace with each other.

My first thought was that perhaps the idyllic world inside the gem was an illusion to placate it's inhabitants, but I feel like there's evidence to the contrary. At the end of Infinity War (maybe Crusade?) both Magus and the Goddess end up inside the Soul Gem. Due to being half-souls (one being Adam Warlock's pure evil, and the other his pure good), they couldn't interact with any whole souls in the gem; but they seemed to perceive the world the same way the whole souls did. Adam Warlock also seemed to perceive it the same way as everyone else, even with his varying relationships with the gem and the whole gauntlet.

This is all by memory. If I'm mis-remembering, let me know.

What do you all think? Is the nature of the gem's "personality" at odds with the world inside it? If so, can we "no-prize" this seeming conflict?