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Subj: Bart Allen... Flash... Barry Allen... The Speed Force...
Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2007 at 02:51:27 am GMT (Viewed 1 times)
Reply Subj: Re: What would you think of a trade with Marvel?
Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 at 04:31:19 pm GMT

Is there anyone out there that is upset that DC killed Bart?

I know Bart wasn't no Barry... but I think the end they gave both him and his father (Don, one part of the Tornado Twins) was just lame.

Like I have said in other posts... I loved Wally's Kid Flash uniform and I wished he had kept it when he became the Flash... far as I am concerned the only person that truely deserved to move into the suit would have been either Don (Dawn I suppose but women don't look all that great in the Flash suit) or Bart.

Did they ever say why they were offing Bart? I know it was an editoral decision... but what were the reasons?

It wasn't like the character of Wally West was all that great in the suit at first (Frankly he was completely written unlike how he had ever appeared before "Personality wise" in any of his appearences in either the Titans or guest appearencs).

Frankly I'd rather have Barry come back... if the suit needs to be filled. Yeah... I know... Barry sacrificed himself to "Save" the universe. It just doesn't seem like they made anywhere near as big of a deal of it happening in and around the time it did happen than after the fact (At least in a priase sort of way... I guess).

Was the Speed Force a product of the Crisis or was the Speed Force EVER mentioned before Flash's sacrifice (or whatever it is considering he has made a few appearences)?

If it was EVER mentioned before... where?

What is the Speed Force? Why doesn't everything that moves at Super Speed use it (I have heard Superman, Supergirl, Power Girl and others don't use it but can attain speeds as fast or nearly as fast as anyone connected to the speed force).

I have a (Comic Psuedo Science) theory of what it is, Where it came from and how it was made during the crisis and became a part of the DC universe. But I want to hear the definition of what DC and the Readers know it to be, before I even consider defining what I think it is and why it is.

Was Max Mercury always a speed guru or whatever it is they tend to describe him as being? or was he simply a standard speedster in his originial (Pre-Crisis, non-DC?) stories?

Has Pre-Crisis earth ever been visited by anyone (at any point in comics after the Crisis... even if it has been retroed out)?
or is it if someone travels back in time either of their own power... or via a device (Cosmic Treadmill/Time Bubble whatever) they end up back in the revised time? (A good example would be travelling back in time and visiting the JLA... when Black Canary took Wonder Woman's place... which is now retconned out... and re-replaced with Wonder Woman once again).

This is gonna be a stupid question but I am gonna ask it anyhow...

Can time and past events be changed? (I assume the answer is yes... it is based on the writer actually writing it... and editor approval).

Well... that's all for now.
Cya People!

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