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Subj: Flash Episode 6: The FLASH IS BORN !
Posted: Wed Nov 19, 2014 at 08:06:18 am GMT (Viewed 25 times)

MAJOR SPOILER at the end of this regarding the end of this episode and the appearance of......well keep on reading.

The latest meta human is a man that can turn from flesh to steel, Dr Wells refers to him as a Man of Steel.

He is also a former bully from Barry's school and has a thing for Iris, who is in danger from the guy due to her blogging about The Streak

Barry faces the metal man twice and is soundly beaten. They later devise a plan that if Barry hits him at the right angle while going at Mach 1.1 he can inflict serious damage against the metal man. If he hits at the wrong angle/speed, Barry is toast.

Barry pulls off the Mach 1.1 super sonic punch and decks the meta human. Metal Man is locked away below Star Labs, and Barry in a dramatic scene faces him in his cell, mask off but costume on, and gives him a few choice words before he locks up the cell.

Iris' father asks Dr Wells for help in solving the murder of Nora Allen. Dr Wells assures him that there were no particle accelerators or meta humans 14 years ago, and thus states that what Barry saw cannot be possible. Another great way for Wells to maintain his possible cover identity so that no one knows he is Professor Zoom. If he is Professor Zoom.

By the way, speaking of Professor Zoom and time travel, which has always been a big part of the Flash mythos, check out this spoiler link for the winter episodes of the Flash

Now then as to Professor Zoom/reverse Flash:

1. We know he's coming, he killed Barry's mother, which was the event that set Barry into believing the impossible and would lead to him becoming the Flash.

2. Wells' interest in Barry as the Flash at times seems normal and other times seems almost obsessive, much like how Zoom obsesses over the Flash.

3. Wells does not need the wheelchair, it is a facade. Great disguise for a super speedster

4. Wells has access to future news, such as Flash disappearing in 2024 during a Crisis. We have also seen in his private computer room that he has video footage of Barry being struck by the lightning bolt!

5. Wells has killed to protect Barry.

6. We've also seen in flashback that Wells pretty much knew the particle accelerator was going to fail, and why as he made it fail so that all the meta humans would arise and Barry becomes the Flash.

7. Wells was interrogated by Iris's father in this episode and though they made peace at the end, back at his home as he goes over the evidence of Nora's murder THE REVERSE FLASH makes a quick appearance and leaves a warning carved into a wall, "STOP OR ELSE" and below the words is a picture of Iris pinned to the wall with a knife!!!!

the only people that know that Nora's murder is being looked into again are : Barry, Iris' father, Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp of the old Flash series) and now Dr Wells. Now with the addition of Dr Wells knowing that the case is reopened and a visit from the Reverse Flash to warn them to stop the investigation, does anyone still want to think that Wells is NOT the Reverse Flash?

The other possibility is that Detective Edward Thawne is really Eobard Thawne in disguise and concealing his powers, OR that is the direct linear ancestor of Eobard Thawne aka Reverse Flash. If Edward comes to serious harm that could endanger Reverse Flash, IF Edward is indeed the ancestor of the Reverse Flash.

Another possibility is that Professor Zoom is not Dr Wells in disguise and he is also not Edward Thawne in disguise. The only way for this to work and for him to know that the Nora Allen case is reopened is if he has been hiding in Star Labs and the police station using his speed to remain invisible and is keeping watch on things. However that does not seem likely.

So while someone below has posted that it could be all misdirection and that Wells is NOT Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash, I think, given the end of this episode that we must seriously entertain the idea that Wells is Eobard Thawne aka Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash. He just learns the case is reopened and then Iris' Dad gets a very serious warning to back off the case.