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Subj: FLASH APRIL 28th
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Episode opens with Barry/Cisco/Caitlyn still in the secret room and they are reading the future newspaper. Cisco begins speculating about how they may be in a causal loop.

The computer begins speaking and communicates with them. Barry learns more of his future and how he is a founding member of a group but Barry interrupts it before the name is spoken obviously the Justice League, he is also CSI director in the future and the newspaper is written by Iris West-Allen

Barry then asks the computer why Wells has time warped to the past and it states he wants to kill Barry.

Cisco gets an alert from a tracker he stuck on Well’s chair that Wells is in the building. Gideon states that Wells was angry that Barry had escaped him and hence why he killed Barry’s mother. They begin to panic that Gideon will tell Wells they were there. Barry then learns that he created Gideon and that Gideon will accept all his commands. Barry then zips them out of the room in time. Wells then enters and accesses Gideon. Gideon states all is well.

Detective Thawn talks with Joe privately and tells Joe he wants his blessing to marry Iris. Joe says No. Eddie is stunned. Joe gets a call from Barry and Eddie states he asked out of respect and doesn’t need his permission.

They all chat at Joe’s house and they compare notes. Barry tells them of his accidental time warp and that Cisco is experiencing memories/déjà vu of the day that Barry changed.

Flashback to Joe and Iris in Barry’s hospital room as Barry’s vital signs start to freak out. Wells/Thawne shows up and tells Joe he can save Barry. Joe is loathe to trust Wells/Thawne due to the particle accelerator accident. Wells/Thawne is confident he can save Barry and persuades Joe to let Barry go to Star Labs. Joe agrees.

Barry states they need to access Cisco’s déjà vu memories and thinks that getting Wells/Thawne to confess to killing Nora. They get to Star Labs and start building a device to access Cisco’s dreams and Wells/Thawne comes in and wants to know what’s up. Caitlyn spins a cover story. Wells/Thawne gives them information on dreams and how the brain works and how to access the dreams and make the dreamer speak. Wells/Thawne suggests a frequency of 45hz and heads out.

At HQ the Captain asks Barry about some overdue reports then gets to work on his wedding plans to his boyfriend. Barry then bumps into Iris and they chat. Eddie then shows up and wants to speak to Barry. Eddie shows him the ring and tells him he wants to propose and states Joe won’t give his blessing and wants Barry to talk to Joe. Barry states he will talk to him.

In Barry’s lab they prep to send Cisco to dreamland and he is wondering if he is killed in the dream if he will truly die. Cisco goes into sleep state and starts going through the memories of the day he was killed. He tells them he remembers sending Caitlyn to distract Wells/Thawne while he checks the containment system. He relives testing the system and sees that It should not have failed. He then reactivates the machine and sees the hologram of Reverse Flash. Wells/Thawne then enters the room in his memories and Cisco starts reliving the memories. Everyone now knows he is Eobard Thawne and that Barry was the intended target. Cisco’s vitals start to spike as Wells/Thawne goes for the kill, Cisco dies in the dream and jolts awake in reality. Barry then gets a phone call from Wells/Thawne wanting to know where Barry is. He tells him a huge fire has erupted in a high rise and Barry zips off.

The building is where the Captain’s boyfriend works. Barry zips in and communicates with Wells. The sprinklers are not working and asks for a plan from Wells/Thawne. He suggests creating a vaccum by spinning his arms at maximum speed to drain away the air and snuff the flames. It appears to work and the victims are all right despite having air sucked away.....hmmm...

Wells/Thawne later asks Barry why he was doubting himself at the fire. Wells/Thawne tells him that the only thing standing in the way of Barry’s goals is Barry himself and that there is no limit to his powers and that he has all the tools he needs. Barry states he couldn’t have done any of this without Wells/Thawne and Wells/Thawne feels the same way. Barry leaves and Wells/Thawne seems to look suspicious.
Barry talks with Joe at home, Barry suggests they recreate the conditions where Wells confessed the first time and Joe is loathe to do that. Joe is not pleased that he first trusted Wells/Thawne to save Barry after the lightning strike. Barry states the blame for everything is Wells/Thawne fault.

They get to Star Labs and check the containment system and see the RF hologram. Wells/Thawne is giving a lecture. Cisco stats he has modified the field so that a speedster cannot enter it and Barry tests it and richochets off it, thus Cisco is protected. Barry states once they have the confession from Wells/Thawne about killing his mother he will take him down. Eddie goes to protect Iris per Joe’s request, Barry talks to Joe about not giving his blessing to marrying Eddie. Joe tells Barry that one day Iris will realize Eddie is the wrong guy and that she loves Barry and always has. Iris sends Barry a text and he zips off to see her. She tells him her research shows that all strange things in the city dates back to the explosion of the particle accelerator and she thinks it changed people and gave people powers such as Flash and Firestorm. Barry states her theory is good but states he was struck by lightining and has no powers (nice cover story, a bit weak). Barry promises her he will read her data and chat with her later. She then sees a picture of her and Barry together and remembers when he was in the hospital. She remembers trying to touch Barry’s hand and getting a mild shock.

Wells/Thawne returns to Star Labs and asks where Cisco is. She tells him he thinks he figured out what went wrong with the containment system and Wells/Thawne decides to head down there to chat with him. Caitlyn warns Cisco that Wells/Thawne is coming. Wells/Thawne pauses and thinks for a moment in the hall and then walks into the room…….
Wells/Thawne applauds Cisco and Cisco starts talking to Wells/Thawne about him being Reverse Flash. Cisco gets Wells/Thawne to speak about killing Nora, he states it was never his intention to kill her, Joe states to Barry that is not a confession. Cisco locks himself in the field, and Wells/Thawne easily walks through it and preps to kill Cisco. Joe opens fire and Barry grabs some of the bullets but misses one and Wells/Thawne gets shot. Barry states he hadn’t confessed yet. Cisco is okay and Caitlyn states Wells/Thawne is dead. Barry is upset that Wells/Thawne didn’t confess. However in a major surprise the body of Wells/Thawne morphs into the EVERYMAN and they hear Wells/Thawne stating that he told them he is always one step ahead. Wells/Thawne is far away and laughing at how he convinced Everyman to impersonate him. Barry, Caitlyn yell at Wells/Thawne and he reminds them their lives are better for what he has done. Barry begs him to confessing to killing his mother. He refuses and promises he will face them again and soon. Cisco states he is in the time vault, Barry zips in and he is gone along with the RF costume and Barry is seeing footage playing of their lives including Iris. He has surveillance footage from their places of employment and homes and grabs his costume and zips off.

Eddie and Iris are out walking and she gets a call from Joe but Eddie asks her to wait on it and then makes his proposal but Reverse Flash arrives and attacks Eddie a bit then goes after Iris. He is about to kill her when Flash arrives and Reverse Flash zips off with Eddie. Flash tells her to go home and he will save Eddie, as he zips away she reaches to touch him and gets the same electric jolt as she got from Barry in the hospital and realizes Barry is the Flash.
Reverse Flash takes Eddie somewhere and reveals himself as Eobard Thawne and that Eddie is his direct ancestor as I have been stating for some time.

Flashback to Wells/Thawne in Barry’s hospital room at Star Labs and how he is tempted to kill Barry right then and there. He talks to himself about the irony of how he needs to create the Flash so that he as Reverse Flash can get home and how he watched Barry grow up over the years and how one day there will be a reckoning between them and nothing is forgiven and that one day Barry will die.

1.    In the future Barry must have done something to really anger Wells/Thawne for him to have such a vendetta

2.    IRIS now knows Barry is the Flash

3.    Eddie’s wedding plans look like they will not be happening for awhile if ever.

4.    Reverse Flash confirms what I have been stating for some time now that Eddie is his ancestor and as such is his insurance policy as it were

5.    It looks like Eddie was taken to Grodd’s lair and Grodd is in the next episode.

6.    Wells/Thawne has been outed now. I must admit that Barry and crew’s plan was pretty clever but they didn’t anticipate that Wells was always spying on them via secret cameras

7.    Gideon will obey Barry’s orders since he builds her in the future, this COULD be a weapon against Reverse Flash.

8.    RF has taken his suit and Gideon with him it seems and left the spy footage playing in the time vault.

9.    Wells/Thawne does tell Barry that he has unlimited potential and that only Barry is stopping Barry.

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