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Episode opens with Barry talking to RF in his containment cell.

We learn he is born 136 years into the future and that he killed Nora because he hates Barry. He won’t clarify why they were enemies. He states they couldn’t beat eachother until RF learned Barry was the Flash. Once he learned Barry was the Flash he determined to kill Barry as a kid and wipe him from existence. Also as I suspected, Barry saves his kid self and thus RF killed Nora out of spite thinking that the tragedy would stop Barry from being the Flash. However due to being so far back in time, RF lost his connection to the Speed Force and thus realized that the only way home was THE FLASH. Thus he needed to ensure Barry still becomes the Flash.

Barry asks why he trained Barry. RF states he needs Barry to be fast enough to create a stable time portal for RF to go home. He tells Barry that if he helps RF go home, RF will help him to go back and save his mother. Barry doesn’t believe him and wants to kill RF right there. RF states he used to feel that way about Barry but now he looks at Barry similar to how Joe and Henry view him and he reminds Barry he is being given a change to save his mother. Barry leaves and talks to the others.

Professor Stein mentions the paradox effect of Barry saving his mother. Stein points out that Nora dying changed the timeline from what it was supposed to be and how one event and one choice can affect everything and how things would change and no one would realize it because they wouldn’t remember the changes. Stein warns him there is NO WAY to determine how things will change or how Barry’s life will be if he succeeds. Joe urges him to go change things and Barry and he have a private chat. Joe is eager for Barry to change things as Barry would have both his parents and that this is why he became the Flash and that it is time for Barry to save his own life for a change.
Barry visits his father in prison and Henry is dubious about the whole time travel thing. Henry tells him that he should NOT make the attempt. Barry reminds him that he could save his mother. Henry tells him there is a natural order to things in the universe and points out the potential costs of saving Nora. Henry reminds Barry he is a good person that even his mother wouldn’t want Barry to risking this as it may change Barry for the worse.

AT Star Labs, Caitlyn chats with Ronnie. Ronnie is determined to stay and professes his love for her and reminds her they were engaged before the accident and that it is time to get married.
Iris talks with Barry. Barry is still pondering what to do. Barry knows his life has been good for the most part but is unsure what to do. Iris tells him to follow his heart and help himself for a change.
Barry goes to RF to learn what must be done. The particle accelerator is of course the key, he assures him the accelerator will work this time as intended. RF tells him that if he can match the speed of the particle in the accelerator and hit it at the right speed, the wormhole is created, if he isn’t at the right speed he will die.

Stein rechecks the math from RF. Basically Barry gets up to the right speed and they then launch a hydrogen particle in to the accelerator, Barry hits it at the right speed and the wormhole opens. Cisco asks Barry if he wants to do this. According to Stein, Barry must be at least Mach 2 speed or else it would be like a bug in a windshield. Barry talks to Cisco about building a time machine, and Ronnie aids them, Barry also confirms that RF was using the battery in the chair to stay charged. Cisco asks RF about how the RF suit is fitted into the ring then asks about the time machine. RF states he wished Cisco was with him many times when he rebuilt the accelerator. RF then tells him how to reinforce the time machine with cobalt resin. Cisco and RF then argue and Cisco mentions how RF killed him in the alternate timeline. RF is intrigued about that. Cisco tells him how RF called him a son and then crushed his heart. RF is amazed that Cisco can see through the vibrations of the universe and that it must mean Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator explosion, Cisco disagrees, RF assures him that he has a great destiny ahead of him due to that and that he should always remember that it was RF that gave him that gift and that it was out of love.

Stein continues to work on the math and talks with Eddie about the future revelations that RF gave him. Stein asks him what the odds are that RF would be stuck in the same city and time as his ancestor and that RF would have to make sure Eddie stays alive and that Stein tells Eddie he is a wild card in the story that Eddie can choose his own future. The computer then alerts him to a problem. Turns out RF didn’t warn them that the collision with the hydrogen particle COULD create a black hole and wipe out the city and then the Earth…. Cisco makes a nice Hitchhikers Guide reference to this.

Team Flash then speaks with RF about the black hole possibility. RF assures them he has been planning this for 20 years and that it will work. RF states once Barry enters the worm hole, he will have one minute 52 seconds to return and then they can close the wormhole. RF believes in Barry and that Barry can do it. Barry leaves to think and Joe talks with him. Joe is concerned of course but is sure Barry can save his mother.

Eddie chats with Iris. Eddie chats with her about how they met and about coincidences and that he chooses Iris West as his destiny and he is convinced that he was meant to meet Iris.

Stein officiates the wedding ceremony of Ronnie and Caitlyn, he is certified to be a preacher. They place the rings on each other and Stein pronounces them married. Barry is still pondering what to do.
Barry then suits up. Cisco advises Barry that there will be three Barry’s back there. Future Barry that saves Kid Barry and then current Barry. Current Barry is to go back and wait until Kid Barry is safe then save his mother. Cisco then says “May the Speed Force be with you!” Barry bids Joe and the others farewell. Barry enters the accelerator, Stein reminds him he will have one minute 52 seconds. RF reminds him that Barry holds both their futures in his hands and tells him to RUN. Barry launches and starts racing around the accelerator and passes Mach 2 rather quickly. RF tells him that what he is seeing is the speed force and can see his past/present/future all at once and that he must focus on that night and want to go there. RF senses that it is working, Stein’s coffee floats and they release the particle, the wormhole is formed and the countdown commences. Barry arrives and sees the fight with his future self and RF. His future self is in the bright red suit and sees him and motions him to wait and shakes his head in a “No” motion. Future Barry saves kid Barry and Barry does not move to save his mother. Barry enters the room and talks to his dying mother. He tells her he is the Flash then takes off his mask and reveals to her he is Barry. He tells her that he came back in time and that he and Henry are okay, that he loves her, etc. She then dies and Barry grieves.

In the present/future, RF sees the machine and states Rip Hunter would be impressed. Suddenly an object appears from the wormhole…….it is the HELMET OF JAY GARRICK THE GOLDEN AGE FLASH!!!! RF states that is his cue to leave and activates the time machine, (this is the scene from the Legends of Tomorrow trailer!!!!!!!!!!) As RF is prepping to leave, Barry comes flying from the wormhole and smashes the machine to pieces. RF is furious and powers up. The others race to shut down the wormhole as Flash and RF fight. The wormhole closes as RF pummels Barry and tells Barry he will kill Barry, his friends and then Henry and that he always wins.

Suddenly there is a GUNSHOT and RF staggers back…………EDDIE THAWN HAS SHOT HIMSELF!!! RF starts to fade from existence and Eddie states he gets to go out a hero after all. RF then reverts to his true appearance and reminds Barry that RF controlled his life for so long that Barry won’t get along without RF. RF then crumbles and fades into non-existence.

A wormhole then forms again and then a storm starts to form outside. The wormhole is now a singularity and everyone watches, we get a glimpse of Hawkgirl and Capt Cold. Stein states they need to disrupt the wormhole but that it cannot be stopped. Barry states he has to try, and puts his mask on then takes off. Henry watches from his cell and realizes it is tied to Barry. Barry runs up the building and the debris and enters the singularity to attempt to stop it………


1.    AS I posted below in another thread, they have stated that the multiverse is coming in Season 2, hence that is why we just saw the helmet of Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash!

2.    RF is currently terminated from existence, however this will have to change and I can think of only one way this will happen and that is for RIP HUNTER to arrive and prevent either Flash from smashing the RF’s time machine, or else stop Eddie from killing himself. This of course will also set up the Legends of Tomorrow

3.    As I have stated, Eddie is indeed RF’s direct linear ancestor. This episode confirms that for certain.

4.    Barry gets to the past and sees the fight with his future self and RF, and his future self signals him TO NOT interfere or save his mother…..perhaps Future Barry knows what would happen. Perhaps Future Barry learned of temporal consequences thanks to Eddie killing himself and also from the time when he went back a day and stopped Weather Wizard, but the bottom line is that Future Barry tells present Barry to NOT save his mother.

5.    Barry at least gets to say goodbye to his mother and it is a touching scene.

6.    Barry has realized that he has had a good life despite RF killing his mother.

7.    Barry didn’t even try to adjust things so that his dad wouldn’t be in jail……

8. Cisco is revealed to be a meta human by RF, he can see through the vibrations of time.

9. Using Doctor Who terminology and going back to what Stein said earlier, one minor change can affect everyone and everything and it is not possible to fully calculate the changes. Thus in Dr. Who terminology, the night Nora dies is a FIXED POINT IN TIME. Per Dr. Who, while time can be changed and yes he changes it a lot, personal timelines and fixed points are things that cannot/must not be changed EVER due to the paradox effect. What we are seeing at the end of this episode is in fact the paradox effect created by Eddie Thawne killing himself and thus terminating RF's existence. This storm is now time' way of absorbing everything in favor of the new timeline that will take over. Temporal Armageddon and Rebirth all at once.

Another example of such a cataclysm would be at the end of Season 2 of Beast Wars when Predacon Megatron got into the crashed Autobot ship THE ARK and attempted to destroy OPTIMUS PRIME millions of years before he and the others aboard the ARK would awaken to resume the Great War.

In Beast Wars, the time storm was slowed down by putting Prime onto life support, then Optimus Primal absorbing PRime's Spark into himself which of course super mutated him, and Rhinox performed repairs on Prime. His spark was placed back into his body and he went back into stasis lock for the next 4 million years. Reality was saved.

I also cite the story from Babylon 5 about how Sinclair was Valen, will be Valen, MUST be Valen and that he is the one that steals Babylon 4 to go to the past. His life is a moebius strip that must not be broken or a thousand years of time will unravel and the Shadows will win.

10. When Barry hit Mach 2+ speeds he began to see the Speed Force and saw his past/present/future at once. Remember that Barry already has time warped once without the aid of the accelerator, and while he needed the accelerator for this time jump, it is quite likely that in the future Barry won't need the accelerator for time warp.

11. Why did present Barry listen to Future Barry? Simple. His future self knows things that Barry has yet to learn. Barry had to trust his future self even though he knew what would happen. A hard choice, but a necessary one.

12. Team Flash had BETTER HAVE BEEN RECORDING the conversation between RF and Barry at the beginning because that is when RF finally states he killed Nora Allen! edit the recording to protect Barry's identity as the Flash and then show it to the DA! or else show the whole recording and have the DA and the judge seal away knowledge of Barry as the Flash. Either way RF has confessed and this should get his father his freedom.

13. No mention of whether Gideon was taken from RF or not. I would think it would have been despite the dangers of knowing future knowledge. It is too dangerous to leave it with RF.

14. The time storm isn't just going to alter the present, it is also likely altering time from 15 years in the past, the point where Nora was killed by RF and then RF absorbs Wells DNA, but also next 136 years of time as RF states he was born 136 years in the future, then add on the years before Thawne becomes RF and starts time warping to fight Barry in the first place. Further proof that saving Nora would be a bad idea as that would alter 15 years of history, but Eddie killing himself to erase RF creates an even worse paradox on top of it all.

15. When Barry sees the images in the Speed Force, we see one of Caitlyn as Killer Frost

16. Jay's helmet appeared in season 1 episode 23 as Golden age Flash first appeared in Flash issue 123 in the silver age

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