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Subj: Season 2 Ep 1
Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 at 10:24:40 pm EDT (Viewed 11 times)

it is 6 months after the end of Season 1 and the Flash saved the city from the time storm.

Barry is all depressed he couldn't save his mother and father from their fates, Ronnie is missing in action, and Eddie Thawne is DEAD.

Barry and Joe are at a murder scene, the victim was taken down by someone very strong

Barry does not want to attend the "Flash day" celebration and is busy rebuilding businesses at night that were wrecked in the time storm.

Caitlin is working for Mercury Labs, and Cisco is advisor to the police and helps build devices for Joe's Anti Meta Human task force.

Iris tries to convince Barry to attend and leaves him.

We then get a flashback to Barry charging into the time storm and using his speed to counter spin it and contain it by adding to its angular momentum. Stein tells him they need to separate the horizons of it and that only a Firestorm separation within it could do it. They merge into FIRESTORM and take off then split up in it.

End result, time storm dispersed and defeated but only Stein emerges, Ronnie is gone. This is as I expected since they announced a new half of the Firestorm would be brought in. More pandering I believe to ethnicity.....

Flash Day ceremony begins, Cisco and Joe chat and they see Caitlin in the crowd

The Mayor gives a speech and someone starts stomping through the crowd.
Btw the mayor is from the 9o's FLASH tv series, he was one of the two cops frequently shown on the show.

Flash arrives to accept the key and of course the someone that stomped through the crowd attacks the Flash and is revealed to be ATOM SMASHER....whose costume does not protect his arms yet no one shoots him in the arms....

Cisco has a moment of seeing through cracks in time then grabs the device he built for Joe called the BOOT. The boot starts to work then ATOM SMASHER grows in size. Flash throws propane cannisters at Atom Smasher and Joe shoots them. Atom Smasher is staggered and they see his face is the same as the man in the morgue. Atom Smasher flees to recover. They ascertain that the man is still in the morgue and has no twin brother and no one near when the accelerator blew.

Iris talks to Joe about Barry and they decide on a plan to confront him.

Cisco visits Caitlin at Mercury Labs.

Cisco determines that when Atom Smasher went giant form that all nearby xray and mri/crt machines shut down. He and Caitlyn investigate.

Barry is approached by a lawyer with a message from Wells/Thawne about Star Labs and how Barry inherited it as part of Wells/Thawne's trust.

Barry is told he must watch a vid file from Wells/Thawne that will send a confirmation that it has been viewed to the lawyer so that he can process the papers. The lawyer doesn't know what is on it.

Barry refuses to watch it and tosses the USB drive aside. He then gets over to STAR LAbs and sees "Team Flash" working on the meta human problem.

Joe reminds Barry that he needs them.

The determine that the meta absorbs radiation and Stein names him ATOM SMASHER, Stein gets a hug from Cisco.

Barry zips off minus his comm unit and will not accept help.

Flash squares off against Atom Smasher.

Cisco hacks the cameras of where Atom Smasher and Flash are at and they watch the fight.

Atom Smasher is winning and taunts Flash stating that he was warned Flash was the big hero by someone.....Cisco triggers the alarms and the distraction lets Barry get back to Star Labs where he passes out and dreams of when he was a kid 6 months after he lost his parents.

Barry awakes in sickbay, Joe is with him. Joe tells him he gave Barry enough time to get over things but Barry just isn't listening and that Barry is not solely to blame for what happened to Eddie and Ronnie.

Barry then visits Caitlin and they talk. She assures him she doesn't blame him for Ronnie's apparent death, she states she blames herself for not agreeing to leave with Ronnie to start over somewhere.

Caitlin offers to watch the video with Barry.

We see the video and it was indeed prepped in case RF was dead. It turns out that it is a video of Wells/Thawne making a full confession to killing Nora Allen!!!!!!

Joe talks to Barry, per the DA, Wells gave all the right details in the confession and it looks like Henry Allen will be a free man. Barry cheers up and then asks Team Flash how they can stop Atom Smasher.

Caitlin suggests giving Atom Smasher a massive dose of radiation. They then use a Flash Signal to send a message into the sky to attract Atom Smasher. The Flash Signal is a search light with the flash lightning bolt on it, Cisco states he got the idea from some comic book.

Flash lures him to the nuclear power plant for the show down and they lock him in a reactor chamber and turn on the power to maximum. Atom Smasher overloads then shrinks....they quickly decontaminate the room and Flash enters, but Atom Smasher is hurt badly and tells Flash that he was promised he would go home if he defeats Flash and states the name of the villain is ZOOM. Atom Smasher then dies.

After the commercial, Barry greets his dad as he is RELEASED FROM PRISON!!!!!!!!!! They have a welcome home party at Joe's place. Newspaper headlines also show that Henry is free!

During the party Joe gives Cisco a police badge that he asked about earlier in the show.

Stein then gives a toast to them and to the lost friends.

Barry chats with his Dad about things and how Iris can help get his medical license back if he wants it. henry then asks Barry if he can be all that he can be if he (Henry) stays around. Henry tells him that Team Flash and the city needs Barry more then Henry Allen needs Barry at the moment. Henry plans to leave town it seems. This may be wise since even though he is formally cleared and exonerated, public stigma could be a problem. Barry takes his Dad to the train station then heads back to Star Labs where Joe hands him the key to the City.

Cisco then shows Barry he upgraded the suit by altering the logo on it to look like how it does in the future headline.

They then state how they upgraded all security systems so that no one can get in without them knowing about it.....then JAY GARRICK steps out of the shadows to warn them.....

Okay so we have:

1. Ronnie is presumed Dead, more likely blown into the multiverse possibly Earth 2.

2. There will be a new half to Firestorm coming with a new actor which I suspect will also be in part pandering to the cries for more ethnic heroes and villains. hate to sound too cynical but.....

3. Atom Smasher and ZOOM are from Earth 2. ZOOM is supposed to be a blue costumed alternative version to Reverse Flash but be advised he is NOT the Eobard Thawne we had from Season 1 this is someone ELSE.

4. The Time Storm was stopped in the here and now, however that does NOT mean that repercussions are NOT occurring in the future, remember that is where/When Reverse Flash comes from. the Paradox affect may well still be occurring in the future which MIGHT be what prompts Rip Hunter to arrive to start up the Legends of Tomorrow.

5. Wells/Thawne leaves behind a video message that fully confesses to his killing Nora Allen! He gives all the details of the crime and what happened (minus any super speed of course) and the DA accepts it and Henry Allen is FREE!!!

6. However Henry tells Barry that he would be a hindrance to Barry developing his full potential and that he will be leaving town. Logic error: I really don't see him as being anything other then an inspiration to Barry, however if someone learned he was the father of the Flash THEN he would be a hindrance. Of course he promises that he will be there for Barry when he needs him. So I'm guessing this will be it for awhile for John Wesley Shipp star of the 90's FLASH series appearing on this Flash series. I must say that is kind of too bad, but it does close off the "must free my father from jail" story arc. Also even though he is publically cleared and exonerated and the media acknowledges it....well public opinion and stigma can be tough to shake off. Still, Henry could get his license back and work at Star Labs.....or be hit by lightning and suit up as Golden Age Flash, but we have Jay Garrick on the scene now for that.

7. Reality has been breached and foes from Earth 2 have arrived starting with Atom Smasher and of course ZOOM. I suspect that Zoom can easily traverse the dimensions, Jay and Barry will need the cosmic treadmill/particle accelerator, at least at first. My memories of Barry's powers from the comics of old indicate that he could travel freely in time and dimensions with out the treadmill.

8. Cisco can see through reality again, AND Caitlin blaming herself for the loss of Ronnie may be another step to Killer Frost

9. The Time Storm was halted and the past remains the past and so does the present. Nora Allen is dead. Eddie Thawne is DEAD and thus Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash is erased. We are told that there would still be a Harrison Wells on the show, likely from Earth 2 and migrating to Earth 1. However it IS possible that despite the time storm being shut down that Harrison Wells of OUR Earth is back....but I don't think that is the case. It is more likely he will be from Earth 2. We shall see.

Now HERE is some of my speculation/theory about how things MAY go. Remember I stated above that while the Time Storm was stopped that it may still be having ramifications IN THE FUTURE WHERE EOBARD THAWNE HAILS FROM. Thus my theory is that in order to fix things and help seal the dimensional breach between Earth 1 and 2, Rip Hunter may show up and use his powers to PREVENT Eddie from shooting himself and erasing the Reverse Flash. Barry of course will NOT approve of this.....

However remember the other paradox: Flash exists because of the Reverse Flash who exists because of the Flash. Right now that temporal circle/moebius strip is BROKEN.....thus Barry himself is a paradox that should not exist. Thus I still think Rip Hunter may have something to say about that. It is quite possible that to avoid a major temporal catastrophe that reverse Flash must be restored.

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