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Jay Garrick explains things about himself and Zoom. We see how ZOOM was about to kill Jay when the portal pulled first Jay's helmet and then Jay himself into it along with ZOOM into Earth 1.

Jay warns them that Zoom is bringing metas from his world to Earth 1 to kill Barry.

Zoom appears to be able to travel dimensions with ease.

Barry does not believe Jay at all and has him tested and locked up.

Stein is certain that paralel worlds exist and he and Cisco begin tracking the portal.

Jay is currently depowered. Presumably the travel between dimensions power drained him. There is some residue of power in him but his speed is gone.

Barry has an encounter with a meta from Earth 2 called Sand Demon and a cop that wants to be on the disbanded metahuman task force finds a sample of the meta for them to analyze.

They find the Earth 1 version of the meta and take him in but he has no powers.

Barry is still unconvinced about Jay even though the others are starting to.

We also see them watch a news report about the Green Arrow.

Earth 1 version of the meta is released as they have no cause.

We learn that Iron Heights prison is now upgraded to contain metas.

AS Joe talks to the cop that wants in on the task force, the earth 2 meta Sand Demon arrives and attacks, knocks out Joe and takes the cop (patty) captive.

Barry gets lectured by Iris about trusting again and he releases Jay to get knowledge of the enemy. Jay gives them tactical knowledge, and tells them that Barry needs to now learn how to hurl lightning generated when he runs. The lightning will fuse the sand into glass.

Patty is at the hostage lair and shows she is confident that Flash will beat him. The meta is building a bomb to kill her even as he will kill the Flash.

Caitlin despite being a grieving widow has the hots for Jay.

Cisco gets another vision from his powers and tries this time to harness his power to see what he can see. His powers locate the Sand Demon and Patty. Stein asks how he knows where they are, Cisco just says it is a hunch, but Stein is doubtful about that explanation.

Barry practices harnessing the lightning attack under Jay's tutelage.

Barry has some serious PTS issues about RF, Jay tells him that he (Jay) isn't RF.

Cisco tells him where the enemy is and warns them about the bomb.

Barry asks Jay to suit up as a diversion even though he doesn't have his speed. Jay has his suit and they return his helmet and Jay states his father wore it in the battle of the Amercias. Barry and Jay shake hands and head out.

Jay is still depowered at the moment. Note: Jay's being depowered from the dimension travel is similar to the 90's Flash series when Barry accidentally got blasted by a missile at super speeds and was blown into the future. His powers were drained until he could get recharged and go back to fix things. I strongly suspect that as Barry once used Speed Force to revive Cisco that a speed force jolt from Barry will stimulate and recharge Jay's powers.

Barry appears to run into the building but it is Jay.

Jay throws some punches and Sand Demon realizes his old enemy is pwoerless.

Barry zips in and attempts to get Patty away, but the bomb goes off. it is a concussive charge not explosive.

Sand Demon attacks Jay and Barry starts circling him and then does a lightning strike that fuses Sand Demon, he falls and shatters.

At the 32.5 minute point, Patty wakes up and says "FLash?!" and in a VERY NICE HOMAGE TO THE COVER OF FLASH OF TWO WORLDS they both run up to her at the same time!!!!

Caitlin tapes up Jay's ribs and praises Jay. Jay comments that it isn't easy being without his speed. They talk and Caitlyn definitely is attracted to Jay.

Jay and Barry chat about their nicknames, Scarlet Speedster, Crimson Comet.

Barry thanks Jay for his help and teaching. Jay starts telling him about Zoom. What is known is that ZOom showed up when Jay got his powers, that they fought for 2 years and was always one step ahead of Jay. Jay makes it clear that ZOOM wants to be the only speedster in ANY world.

Patty and Joe talk. Turns out that they both know of a criminal named Mark Martin, it turns out Martin killed Patty's father. Then later the Martins gained powers (Weather Wizard) and she makes it clear that she wants to take down bad guys especially ones with powers. Joe tells her to be on duty for the Task Force on Monday at 8am.

Joe is then visited by his ex-wife!

Stein then talks to Cisco and calls him out on his recent hunches and Cisco tells him about his powers and how he wants to get rid of them and wants no others to know about them. Cisco is also having some RF PTS issues especially with how he was killed in the other time line.
Stein promises he won't tell the others.

They then detect the breaches and it turns out there are 52 scattered through the city. They are time and space folded upon themselves and the biggest breach is in Star Labs. Stein is talking about them when he seizes and collapses.

In a rather interesting final scene, we see what appears to be either Earth 2 or a future timeline. I'm betting on Earth 2 however. There is a tour going on at Star Labs and the guide is going over the history of Star Labs and how it was founded in 1991 and that they are bringing tomorrow today. They then pause in delight as they are greeted by the founder of Star Labs: HARRISON WELLS

1. A lot of PTS from Barry and Cisco

2. Jay so far is a great addition, I bet that exposure to Barry's speed energy will recharge him

3. we get a look at ZOOM

4. Stein's collapse is most likely due to the loss of Ronnie and that to save him he must link to another person to form a new FIRESTORM. We all know that another actor is cast and that a new FIRESTORM is happening so this must be the lead up to it.

5. 52 portals......not good.

6. Cisco's powers are developing.

7. Caitlyn has the hots for Jay.

8. Joe's wife/Iris' mom appears.

9. Iron Heights prison is upgraded to hold meta humans

10. They see a news cast about the GREEN ARROW.

Here is a link to the comic cover Flash of Two Worlds

Attached below is a picture of the scene.

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