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Subj: Flash S2 ep 3: Family of Rogues
Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 at 09:11:48 pm CDT (Viewed 7 times)

Episode starts with what could be a "Lois Lane moment" as Iris is being shot at while investigating a place for her story and she calls Barry on the phone who is there in an instant after hearing the gunshots and tells her to jump from a window, he catches her and then races up the building to knock out the goons.

Golden Glider shows up and asks Cisco for help.
She states Captain Cold was kidnapped and she was knocked out.
Flash reluctantly agrees to help.

Flash confronts Cold raiding an office and Cold's father shows up and Cold freezes the Flash. Cisco triggers a heating unit in the logo Flash's suit to thaw him out.

Turns out dead old Daddy Snart is a real slime bag and a killer and to prove how slimy he is, he plants thermal bombs into the heads of those that he needs to, like the flunky that gets red shirted for talking smack to Leonard Snart/Cold.....oh yes...he also stuck one in the head of his daughter the Golden Glider!

Cisco works to remove the bomb which will detonate on contact with magnetic waves or air.

Caitlyn and Jay are working on how to stabilize and use the portal.

Stein is resting from his collapse, doubtless due to the loss of Ronald and not being able to merge into Firestorm.

Barry infiltrates the Snart Gang, Cold is NOT pleased but they work together.

They get into the building to clean out its vaults, Barry uses his speed to quickly open the locked door and Papa Snart SHOOTS Barry!
Or at least that is what it looked like, Barry moved so fast that no one could see that he caught the bullet and then pretended to be shot, even Captain Cold was fooled.

Flash confronts them and Cisco gets the bomb out before Cold can shoot him. Cold then shoots his own father! HIs father gasps, "You hate the Flash!" Leonard responds "Not as much as I hate YOU!" His father dies, Flash takes the cold gun and Leonard states he will protect his sister.

Leonard is now in prison for the moment, Joe is working on sending him to the new meta wing as a precaution. Barry has a chat with Leonard and tells him there is some good in him and that he should rethink things while he is in prison. Leonard says "See you soon" and is taken away.

Joe also has a confrontation with his former wife, turns out she was a junkie and abandoned him and Iris after she tried to kill herself and Iris when she was a young kid. She of course doesn't remember this and believes her mother to be dead. Joe tells her the truth, touching scene.

They get the portal ready and Jay wants to go home and Caitlyn makes a rather transparent plea to get him to stay. Jay agrees to stay until they beat Zoom.

Stein states he is feeling better then starts to stammer and ignites for a moment with red flame like Firestorm then his flame turns blue then he collapses.

Later the portal flares up and the WELLS from EARTH 2 EMERGES and he isn't looking too thrilled.

Remember: I have postulated the fact that the Wells of Earth 1 was a good man until Reverse Flash killed him and replaced him. This does NOT mean that the Wells of Earth 2 is a good person. He could be an evil genius whereas the Wells of Earth 1 was good before he was killed.

Stein is clearly having a physical separation anxiety problem to put it nicely due to the loss of Ronnie. This of course will lead to the new half of Firestorm being brought in. Also I still say Ronnie is alive in the multiverse, possibly Earth 2 itself. Also that blue flame....I had a sudden flashback to Blackest Night and the Deathstorm version of Firestorm.....

Jay can go home but he agrees to stay to fight Zoom even if he is depowered, and it is only less then blindingly obvious that Caitlyn has a thing for him. Also I suspect that if Barry were to give Jay a jolt of Speed Force energy like when he revived Cisco that it would be enough to kick start Jay's powers again. In the 90's Flash, Barry was accidentally blasted into the future while outrunning a missile, his powers were drained until he got them recharged and then was able to return home. Speedsters need speed force and Barry is the speed force, so an energy jolt from Barry should do it.

Barry and the new cop develop the start of an awkward relationship.

Michael Ironside was an excellent choice to be the father of Captain Cold and Golden Glider. Nice to hear the voice of Darkseid again!

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