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Subj: FLASH Season 2 Episode 8 part 1 of the seasonal crossover with ARROW
Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 at 03:38:17 am GMT (Viewed 7 times)

Starts off with Barry being tested in the lab and Caitlyn tells Wells 2 how fast Barry went to hit time warp speeds (Mach 2) and Barry is NOT going that fast.

They speculate as to why and Wells 2 postulates many reasons including attitude/mindset.

He and Caitlyn spend the rest of the ep working on Velocity 6, the Speed Formula that Wells 2 was working on back in his Earth but never perfected.

Caitlyn comes up with the answer and together they make Velocity 6. Wells 2 wants Jay to test it and he refuses and tells him to never use that on Barry and storms out.

Outside, Wells 2 is getting some stuff from his car and Patty sees him and tracks him to Star Labs and ends up shooting him. Wells 2 was holding a hypodermic gun in his hand and she thought it was a gun. Logical if incorrect deduction. Caitlyn tells her to call Joe, Joe arrives and kicks Patty out. The bullet is near Wells 2's pulmonary artery and blood flow is blocked and surgery isn't viable. So Jay reluctantly takes Velocity 6 and his power returns so that he can phase his hand into Wells 2 and phase the bullet out of him. The serum soon wears off and he swears he will never take it again.

Meanwhile, Cisco and Kendra are on a date that gets interrupted by VANDAL SAVAGE. Cisco alerts Barry who arrives and is barely fast enough to stop thrown knives from killing Cisco and Kendra.

Savage flees and Cisco inadvertently outs Barry as the Flash to Kendra.

Thus they go to Star Labs to make plans and Barry decides taht since there is something magical about Savage that they need help and they go to Star City to enlist the aid of Team Arrow.

Flash gives a quick assist against Darkh who was starting to win the fight. Diggle has a humorous moment after Barry saves him and complains "every time!"

Oliver is not too thrilled at first and tensions rise a bit but they go to this place and chat over drinks and things calm down a bit until Savage arrives and attacks.

Barry is again barely fast enough to stop all the thrown knives, he saves them all but seems to get hit by one and briefly goes down. He and Arrow then fight Savage who is easily deflecting the arrows until Speedy joins in and the combined barrage sends him to the balcony and Speedy puts another him and he plunges to the street, but there is no body.

The find a pic on file of him from 1975 and he hasn't aged. Malcolm Merlyn then appears out of nowhere (okay HOW did he know what was going on??) and tells him of Savage and how he is truly immortal.

later as Cisco and Kendra have a moment outside, HAWKMAN arrives and swoops her into the air, places her on a roof and after he tells her who they both are and were and how they are linked, he then goes off to have a fight with Arrow and after decking him shows he is fast and coordinated enough to intercept the FLASH and take him into the air!

Arrow saves Flash and they team up and take down Hawkman. later at the ARROW CAVE he tells them what is going on, how he and Shierya have been reincarnated and killed by Savage over 200 times and how Savage's life is linked to theirs thus he can always find them.

Malcom arrives AGAIN from the shadows, (seriously HOW is he knowing all this, there are no scenes of him being contacted) and tells them that Savage went back to Central City to get the Staff of Horus, an ancient and powerful weapon.

Savage gets the staff and escapes Oliver and Barry.

Episode ends with them at the coffee shop and Oliver hands a kid a Flash action figure that the kid had dropped. Then he sees the mother and it is his long lost girl friend......

End of ep.

1. Barry is not at peak speed. He is still suffering PTSD from the time travel/RF incidents and of course ZOOM crushing him in battle. He should NOT have had any trouble catching all of the knives hurled by Savage and he should NOT have been intercepted by Hawkman. Something is wrong with him. Also, why is Barry even wearing a mask at all? Last season Felicity blurts out his name and thus Malcolm learns the Flash is someone named Barry. Now in this episode Malcolm appears from the shadows out of nowhere twice and sees Barry's face both times.

At this point, Barry is going to need his own Mephisto Mindwipe to make his ID secret again!

2. Wells 2 calculates ZOOM is 3 to 4 times faster then Barry and he and Caitlyn cook up Velocity 6 to give Barry a temporary power boost to fight Zoom.

3. great interactions between Team Arrow and Team Flash. Also a nice scene of the costume cases in the arrow cave with their suits side by side.

4. So begins the Legends of Tomorrow.

5. Oliver sees his long lost girlfriend and is suspicious that the kid is his son.......anyone else thinking that kid and the girl get killed by Darkh and that it was their grave we saw in the Arrow opener?

6. Barry gives an assist against Darkh who was all Whiskey Tango Foxtrot at what just happened. Does this mean Arrow will return the favor by taking some shots at ZOOM?

7. Some serious magic is being used and I did state before that TEAM FLASH has no knowledge or experience with MAGIC WIELDING FOES, which is why Barry gets Team Arrow to help. This would be a nice time for Constantine to make another appearance, or as I have stated before let's get JASON BLOOD to show up. Jason Blood is immortal and sometimes it takes an immortal to fight another immortal.

Also when fighting an immortal, you want them stopped but instead of killing an immortal which by definition really isn't possible, they should instead work on somehow containing him.

Such as say, the molten core of a volcano?

Or perhaps a vat of liquid nitrogen? Savage may not truly perish but he sure as blazes will suffer for a long time.

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