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Subj: FLASH Jan 19th
Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 at 07:11:32 am GMT (Viewed 7 times)

Ep opens with Barry having a nightmare of ZOOM killing Patti. He then jolts awake in bed...with Patti lying next to him. SCore for Barry!

The getting to know Wally is off to an awkward start.

Cisco shows them all footage of a man he has dubbed "The Turtle" given that he can slow down time and uses that power to steal things. The plan is to catch the turtle and use his power against ZOOM.

Flash attempts to catch Turtle but fails as he is still capable of moving but very slow while others are frozen. Turtle absorbs kinetic energies to slow things down but Barry is so fast he can still move around albeit slowly when under the effect of the Turtle.

Jay laments how he doesn't have his powers.

Wally doesn't show for the planned dinner

Patti talks to first Iris then Barry about their relationship and Iris learns of Barry's Zoom nightmares.

Barry decides it is time to tell Patti he is the FLASH (about time, knucklehead)

Barry tells Team Flash he wants to tell Patti who he is. They are for it, but Wells advises Barry that it is a VERY BAD IDEA as Zoom will target anyone Barry cares for.

At the museum Barry meets up with Patti and they chat about things and the painting. Barry spots Turtle and has to bail to change. Patti is nearly killed by the Turtle as FLASH can barely move fast enough to save her and takes the brunt of the hit while Turtle starts to leave.
We do see that Turtle had to zap the FLASH several times to nearly kill him and Patti.

barry recovers and leaves Star Labs to get to Patti, Caitlyn and Jay have some champagne.

Patti tells Barry he better get it together and figure out what he wants, fast

Wally wins a drag race and Joe sees it and talks with Wally.

Wally is very resentful of his life, states he uses the race money to pay for his mother's medical bills. He also is resentful that Joe the Detective never figured out he had a son. Wally makes it his feelings pretty clear.

Turtle abducts Patti as he thinks FLASH values her above others.

He reveals he has his wife in a museum display case and preps one for Patti.

They track the location and FLASH zips off to save Patti. They warn him he has to move between pulses of Turtles power. barry loses the initial skirmish then takes off to build up speed and then zips back and decks the Turtle.

Turtle gets locked up in Star Labs and Caitlyn confronts Jay and reveals she knows Jay is sick and dying. Jay states the only cure is to get his power back and that means stopping ZOOM.

Wally talks to Joe again, and they reach an accord.

Barry starts to talk to Patti and she tells him he she is leaving the city to attend forensic school. Now that she has caught her father's killer she feels it is time to move on from the job and Barry.

At Star Labs Wells is making a journal entry and how he is certain he will do what it takes to save his daughter even as we see him shove a syringe up Turtle's nose and extract some blood/DNA/possible brain tissue and leave Turtle unconscious or dead in his open cell.....

However that isn't the shock end of the episode, the real Shock end is this....HE's BAAAAAACCCCK! We see a streak of energy appear in a street and it stops to reveal THE REVERSE FLASH!!!!!

He takes off his mask to show he is NOT disguised as Wells and he activates Gideon in his glove and asks "Where the hell am I????!"

The writers have stated this is Reverse Flash from before he absorbed Wells which means this is RF from before he tried to go back to kill Barry and kills his mother instead.

Which means that the writers better have one HELL of an explanation for this. Eddie Thawne was the direct linear ancestor of RF and by killing himself he ERASED RF from existence and caused the singularity/time storm.

By all rights there should be NO REVERSE FLASH.

However there is the other theory about time travel and temporal mechanics that some things MUST EXIST and CANNOT NOT EXIST. Therefore TIME itself may have somehow compensated and kept RF in existence.

This is where RIP HUNTER really needs to step in and explain things.....unless a certain person in a blue police box happens to arrive first.....

1, Once again the powerless JAY story arc is getting a bit thin. They have the speed formula, Velocity 6. ALSO they could try to recharge Jay like they did with Barry in Season 1 when he was siphoned.

2. Given the sheer power and threat of ZOOM, Flash does need help in this fight. Even if he does speed up to new levels, he still may need help. It may take the combined power Barry, Jay and the Reverse Flash.

3. Wells2 is clearly going to study Turtle's powers to use against Zoom. However given how fast ZOOM is, it may not be enough. Barry can trump Turtle's power so unless Wells can augment it, it will not work on ZOOM

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