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Subj: FLASH Season 2 Ep 18
Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 at 04:45:10 am BST (Viewed 8 times)

Okay so we see as a kid Hunter was given his dad's military helmet before his dad committed the murder of his mother and left Hunter Zolomon an orphan. No next of kin.

Barry takes the tachyon device for a test run starting at KEYSTONE CITY. The device charges Barry's speed force, with a ominous blue glow..., his vitals hold steady and he is faster then ever. Barry then goes faster and portals over to Supergirl's Earth then back in an instant. That's right the hours on Supergirl's Earth were an instant here.

They state he is 4 times faster now and Wells2 states that should be faster then ZOOM. Barry suggests miniaturizing the device. They then start talking about opening the way to Earth 2 but Wells2 is against reopening the portals as he is worried about his daughter.

Barry insists they try. Wells2 refuses. Barry is determined to go with or without Wells2.

Joe and Barry chat, Wally arrives. He is apparently hard up for money and refuses Joe's help. Barry gets an idea when Joe mentions doppelgangers.....

Barry gets to Star Labs and asks about Cisco's doppelganger and his powers. Reverb could tap multidimensional energies and locate portals and portalers and see other dimensions. Barry realizes that Cisco should have the power to open the portal, Wells2 is not happy.

Cisco starts practicing.....and failing.

Wells2 goes to Joe's place to chat with him. Wally almost mentions how Wells2 looks like Wells1 but Wells2 deflects that.

He asks Joe to talk Barry out of his plans, Joe tells him he can't as Barry is too stubborn. Joe then asks Wells2 to go to Earth2 with Barry to help stop ZOOM.

Barry and Cisco seek out residual portal energies for him to try to work with. Cisco fails again and Wells2 arrives and assures Barry he will help him. He has calibrated Reverb's goggles for Cisco to use. Cisco's power comes online and a portal starts to form.

However on Earth 2, ZOOM senses the portal forming and knows it is coming from Cisco! On Earth 1, Cisco freaks out and stops and refuses to try again.

Wells2 upgrades the tachyon device design from the designs of the device he used to steal some of Barry's speed. Now he should have even more tachyon power.

iris is starting to have feelings for Barry.

Joe offers Wally to live at the house, he agrees, they hug

Barry chats with Cisco, he compares himself to Anakin Skywalker and how his doppelganger was evil and he is afraid he will turn into Reverb.
Barry assures him he has friends and that they will help him.

The tachyon device is now installed under the logo of the Flash suit.

Caitlyn tells them that when she looked for Jay's doppelganger, "Jay" told her the doppelganger's name was Hunter Zolomon. Wells2 asks if she is sure then punches up via his writs unit a data file on Zolomon, turns out he is a convicted serial killer.

Turns out serial killers are rare on Earth 2. he is guilty of 23 kills and was locked in the asylum and given daily shock therapy.

Turns out when Wells2 particle accelerator exploded, Zolomon was getting some shock treatment at the same time. Then enters the dark matter energies from the accelerator and Zolomon gains what appears to be speed powers and not time warp powers like he had in the comics.

Barry gets an idea, he and Cisco go to open the portal, the others are in the time vault at Star Labs.

Cisco goggles up and starts to open the portal. ZOOM instantly emerges from it.

Flash and Zoom engage in the usual dialogue then they start the big chase. Barry is faster then ZOOM thanks to the tacyhon device. Flash leads ZOOM to Star Labs, ZOOM is pleased that Flash is faster now. Flash dares him to catch him and they race through Star Labs where Barry gets him to the test range and has some popup targets of ZOOM's father and mother to torment him. The torment works and FLASH clamps the boot device on him and then unmasks him.

Barry tells him how they figured it out. ZOOM tells him he is dying and that Caitlyn's cure is temporary, only Barry's speed can save him.

Then comes the philosophical bickering about how Barry could have been ZOOM due to their similar origins....and how family can be a weakness.

He then stands up and states it is time to get what he came for, Barry refuses. ZOOM's voice then reverts to EVIL and states how the darkness cannot be locked up, he then gets free and the chase is on again. This time he gets away.

They get back to Joe's house and it has been raided by ZOOM. Wally is hostage and ZOOM demands Barry's speed.

Wally is on Earth 2 locked up with the masked man. ZOOM arrives and of course threatens him, etc etc etc. When ZOOM states only the FLASH can help him now and we see the masked man lower his head.....

Team Flash strategizes while Joe needs a minute to himself. Barry goes to talk him, blah blah blah. Barry plans to surrender his power to ZOOM.

At Star Labs, Cisco communicates across the dimensions and ZOOM can somehow sense him. They still call him Jay and not Hunter...Cisco tells him Barry will surrender

ZOOM returns to Star Lab with Wally. He releases Wally, and he and Cisco leave. ZOOM unmasks and it begins. Wells2 preps the siphon to drain Barry.

ZOOM then explains how he killed "Jay". He states it was not a speed mirage and that he isn't fast. Turns out he time warped to a past version of himself and used his past self to bait them all. He even laughs at how he had to convince his time remnant to consent to being murdered. Barry asks about the man in the iron mask and he comments how he wouldn't be believed if he told them. (Still think it is the real Jay.)

The treadmill and siphon are prepped and Barry starts running. The speed force siphons away from him and he slows down....and falls off the treadmill. They all state that Barry is becoming human again.

ZOOM injects himself and powers up then speeds in and grabs Barry by the throat and pins him to the wall. Caitlyn pleads him to spare Barry. ZOOM releases Barry and takes Caitlyn with him.

End of episode.

So "Jay" was a time remnant of ZOOM.....interesting, yet if he really is a PAST version of ZOOM, then shouldn't killing him have negated ZOOM?

Temporal mechanics, what a headache.

We still do not know for sure who the man in the iron mask is, but if it isn't Jay...well that would be a disappointment.

ZOOM can sense when portals are opened but can't seem to open them.

ZOOM also states he isn't fast enough to leave a speed image behind yet he could time warp to past version of himself????

So anyone else think that Barry's powering down is temporary? he's been charged with speed force and tachyons and they recharged him back in season 1 when he was drained. Or are we going to get the drama of them trying to steal it back from ZOOM?

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