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Nice way to start the episode, with a Flashback.....to before the accelerator exploded and we get the origin of MIRROR MASTER, along with a flashback appearance of LEONARD SNART!

Barry starts to train Jessie. Jessie likes Wally.

Team Flash tells harry they like it when he is around, and he suggests that they have the multiverse at their fingertips and that the could find another Wells that would want to stay with them since he wants to get back to his Earth. Now why does that sound as dangerous and irresponsible as changing the past? Especially since on this Earth, Harrison Wells is still considered to be the murderer of Nora Allen

Barry and Joe have a funny awkward conversation.

Cisco and Wells2 have a nice naming contest.

The hunt for another Wells doesn't go well, the only one fairly suitable is from Earth 19, but Wells2 has a bad feeling and doesn't want him around.

The first encounter with Mirror Master goes poorly, Top puts a vertigo whammy on Jesse and Barry gets trapped in a mirror.

The new cold device they build can't free Barry, it needs to be colder......so Caitlyn uses her KILLER FROST POWERS to help!

Notation: last season she stated she did NOT have the Meta Gene in her DNA. So either she lied, or the time change altered her DNA.

A hologram of Captain Cold is used to lure Mirror Master and the Top into a trap. Jessie takes down the Top

Barry surrounds Mirror Master with mirrors to create an infinite reflection loop that he cannot escape from. Master is locked in a cell with no reflective materials.

Wells19 is brought to our Earth. He seems to have a sense of humor, but Wells2 is unsure of him.

Wells2 tells Cisco that they weren't the ones that freed Barry. Jessie promises Barry and Wally that she will be back. Wells2 tries to give them a final piece of advice but is zapped into the portal before he can finish.....

Caitlyn's appearance changes after she accidentally freezes the water in her shower, blue lips and some white in the hair.....

Okay seriously, Wells2 suggests they bring another Wells to Earth 1 then after not trusting him he still departs for Earth 2???? Not smart at all Wells2!

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