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Subj: THE FLASH May 23rd Season 3 finale: FINISH LINE
Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 at 02:17:46 am BST (Viewed 1010 times)

Episode picks up where the last one left off, as everyone starts to grieve, Wells 19 runs up to Joe and grabs his rifle but Savitar is gone and he realizes he is too late.

"Iris" (note the quotes) awakes in Barry's arms and uses the transmogrifier to reveal that she is Wells 19!

We ssee in Flashback that Wells 19 used the Savitar shard to find Savitar's base and rescue Iris. However the piece of Savitar armor flies from him and links back to the suit. Wells 19 then uses the device to switch their appearances.

KF knocks out fake Wells 19 and takes fake Iris prisoner again.

Cut back to the present as Wells 19 lays dying. Tracy runs up to him and they share last words, Wells 19 then has a message for Barry to give Cisco. He then tells Barry to stop Savitar and dies.

Joe notes that Savitar took the bazooka. Savitar stops KF from killing Cisco as he needs him to build something. Back in the Time Vault at STAR LABS, they check the future newspaper and the article about Flash disappearing is again written by Iris-West Allen.

However now Savitar's memories update. This is where the episode I think screwed up. As happy as they all were that Iris was alive and sad that Wells 19 was gone, they should have kept the illusion going to keep Barry ignorant and thus Savitar's memories do not update.

Note: this also changes the 2024 that Barry visited in that Wells 19 was alive in that time. Julian rejoins them at Star and is shocked that Wells 19 is gone.

Julian theorizes that the time paradox will erase Savitar when it catches up to him. Julian also reveals that he has a cure for Caitlyn, with an assist from her mother. It should rewrite her DNA and strip her of her powers.

Savitar wants Cisco to modify the speed force bazooka into an interdimensional quantum splicer. Savitar wants to open a speed force portal and be blasted with the modified bazooka so that he is fragmented through time but connected to himself and rule all of time from the big bang to the end. He reveals that he allowed them to build the bazooka early so that he could use it as his back up plan. Cisco refuses and Savitar threatens to kill KF, his memories then update to inform him that Julian has the cure for KF.

Once again everyone is being stupid, telling Barry key bits of information knowing that Savitar will learn, despite the fact that Savitar should disappear in a few hours.

Barry goes to talk to Savitar. Barry offers to help Savitar, he asks him to come back to STAR Labs for them to work to save him. Savitar appears to agree and they both arrive at STAR.

The rest are suspicious of him, but Iris shows him compassion.

They decide Tracy is their best bet, however she is not that willing to aid him after the death of Wells 19.

Iris decides there is one person that can reach her, and thus Wells 2 arrives to talk to her. He convinces her to help.

Question: if Savitar is erased wouldn't everything he did including killing Wells 19 be erased?

Iris convinces Savitar to bring Cisco and Caitlyn back.

After he leaves, the breach room overload and energy spews into the sky.

Savitar arrives at his lair and states Barry and crew were fools to believe him. He then tells KF to kill Cisco, Gypsy then appears and takes Cisco away! Gypsy vibes his danger across the multiverse and came to save him!

Savitar opens his time portal and uses KF to freeze and shatter the Black Flash!

KF hits Savitar with the gun and it starts to work then fails! Then out of the portal comes JAY GARRICK!

Vibe and Team Flash arrive, Vibe states he altered the cannon to be a KEY to open the SF cage to free Garrick!

Now get the three Flashes vs Savitar and Gypsy/Vibe against KF!

Vibe tossed KF the potential cure. Savitar then is about to kill Vibe, and KF blasts Savitar. Flash attacks Savitar and gets decked, Savitar vows to kill all of Barry's friends before he erases from the timeline. Barry then phases himself into the Savitar armor and pushes Savitar out of it. Barry is about to kill Savitar but realizes he will become Savitar if he does and then vibrates the armor to pieces and vows to never become Savitar and decks him.

Savitar tires to attack Barry from behind but Iris shoots him and then the paradox erases him.

Sadly it appears the erasing of Savitar did not undo Wells 19's death.

Iris gives the eulogy for HR and the others say their goodbyes to him. Barry gives Cisco the message from Wells 19.

KF shows up at the cemetary, she states she isn't Caitlyn or KF and returns the unused cure. She leaves them to go find herself.

Later as Irsi and Barry starts to celebrate when things hit the fan in a big way!

Teh SPEED FORCE starts to bleed energy onto Earth and Jay tells them that the Speed Force prison needs someone in it.

Barry intends to enter the Speed Force, he asks Wally to take over and Wells 2 to stick around and for Cisco to be a hero.

The Speed Force appears as Barry's mother and states this isn't punishment but that like all racers Barry has reached his finish line.

Barry says his goodbyes and walks into the Speed Force.

The Speed Force storm (which by the way seemed to make the skies RED) fades and Barry is gone.

End of Season.

Nice cliffhanger!

Is Barry really gone from the show for good? Eh, I guess it depends on his contract with the CW! \:\)

Or is this change forced upon the show by the impending Flash and Justice League movies?

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