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Subj: Flash Oct 31
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Cisco is spending quality time with Gypsy when her father suddenly appears and attempts to kill him.

After that they go to Star Labs to make peace with him as it were.

Mayor Bellows is running for reelection and references how he was once a cop. This is an easter egg as Bellows was indeed a cop in the 90's series

At STAR LABS, Cisco gets a quasi pep talk from Wells2. "Any father would be glad to have you date his daughter, except me. You can't date Jesse" Cisco responds "Went for the compliment didn't stick the landing"

They learn that Ralph Dibney was on the bus. He was a cop that was kicked off the force. He also has a humorous sign on his office door.

He claims he wasn't on the bus, but they find out he was lying. apparently his power manifests as he was being dangled off a roof.

We also get his classic line ""I smell a mystery"

I think his client's name was Mrs. Broome....

Dibney learns that sneezing is not a good thing with his powers, Joe finally gets sick at the site of someone having powers.

cisco attempts to have coffee with Gypsy and her father. Her father tells Cisco he is going to hunt Cisco and as they talk he starts a countdown. He says that he will hunt him for 24 hours and that neither will use their powers. He also states he hunted Gypsy's last boyfriend and doesn't know where he is now as he doesn't know where people go when they die. Cisco takes off running and he starts to pursue. Gypsy sees they are gone and realizes the hunt is on.

Barry reveals that he and Dibney worked a case when he was a junior CSI. Barry outed Dibney for planting evidence and committing perjury in a murder case.

As they search his office a bomb is triggered and Barry quickly phases them out of the building.

Cisco gets a humorous pep talk from Wells2.

Dibney has dirt on the Mayor and is blackmailing him.

Turns out the Mayor is the one that is trying to have Dibney killed and he tells the goon to kill any cops that get in the way.

Cisco briefly traps Gypsy's father in the same field that held RF.

Mayor's goons arrive to kill Joe and Barry, we get a Quicksilver/X-men first class style method of beating them.

Gypsy's father sees footage of Dibney all stretched out and thinks he is one of the creatures that wrecked his world.

Dibney confronts the Mayor and decides to not blackmail him. Mayor attempts to shoot him but it doesn't work. Flash takes his gun then gypsy's dad appears to kill Dibney.

Cisco appears all suited up and ready to confront Gypsy's dad to save Dibney.

Flash asks Dibney to grab the helicoptor, he refuses so of COURSE BARRY UNMASKS.

Dibney grabs the helicoptor and Flash runs up his arm to save Joe from the Mayor. That is the moment Joe mentions that he is going to be a father.

Celebration at STAR over the news that Joe is going to be a dad again.

Gypsy's father still hates Cisco but respects him and begrudgingly approves of him dating his daughter.

We also learn their real names.

Caitlyn finds a message carved on her door at the end, undoubtedly the message is for KF

Barry offers Dibney a chance to become a detective again and to also let Star Labs study his powers and learn to control them.

Dibney reveals that a man who only spoke over the phone asked him to investigate the mayor. The man's name is Devoe (spell check on that?). Barry then remembers hearing that name from last season and how Savitar mentioned they built a cerebral inhibitor to stop Devoe.

Funny episode, still not feeling the magic.

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