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Subj: Flash march 6th Enter Flashtime
Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 at 03:45:33 am GMT (Viewed 1295 times)

Ep starts with a frantic Barry telling Iris he can't save them this time.

We flashback to earlier to see what is happening.

Barry is training to be fast enough to enter Devoe's dimension portals

Jessie arrives to talk to Wells2, it seems that Wells2 has anger issues regarding the death of his wife/Jesse's mother.

Armed goons attack Joe and some argus agents. They want what is in a metal container. Team Flash takes down the goons except one.

The last one detonates a nuke before Barry can stop her. Barry and Jesse see the explosion slowly starting as they are both in "flashtime mode"

Barry sends Jesse to Earth 3 to get Jay garrick for help/advice.

Barry brings Cisco into flashtime mode to help with the bomb however he cannot form portals in flash time mode. Barry has to set ihim out of Flashtime mode as Cisco's body can't handle the speed for long.

They also cannot run the bomb out of the city as it will speed up the reaction.

Barry seeks Wells2 advice, he tells him to send the bomb into the speed force but he doesn't know how that will affect the speed force.

jay is against that as it could destroy the speed force forever. All speedsters in space and time will lose their powers forever. Barry is tempted as it will eliminate the threat of RF.

Note: barry's ability to bring non speedsters into flashtime mode is a new power.

Jay suggests nuclear fusion to restore the device, or else to try to cool it down. So Barry goes to get Killer Frost to cool the device. However this fails as she cannot handle being in Flashtime either.

Also they are feeling the heat of the bomb. Especially Jay....

Jesse comes up with the idea that if they each hurl lighting at the same time at the bomb it will shut down the reaction.

However Jay's endurance bottoms out as he is feeling the heat of the bomb and his age and drops out of Flashtime.

Jesse won't condone sending it into the speed force. But she suggests going back in time to stop the detonation before it starts. Barry vetoes this idea......okay this would be a time warp of only a few minutes so the change to the timeline would NOT be that drastic......

Jesse starts wearing down so Barry tells her to go.

Now it is just Barry and he is also wearing down. Jesse tries to save her dad and can't, she says a few words then powers down next to him.

Barry talks with Iris....Barry is wearing down and burning up with fatigue

Iris suggests using the lightning energy generated by the speed force storm. It would make Barry a lightning rod and he could draw the lightning to the device but this means he must make the speed force aware he is not a prisoner in it.

Barry enters the SF and takes the sphere that has his biometric data in it and heads back to the world drawing speed force lighting from the portal with him to the bomb. Barry hurls the sphere into the explosion and the lighting goes with it....bomb disarmed, explosion nullified.

Jay states he gets back home he is going to train his replacement and hang up his suit and retire......okay, we just KNOW Jay/John Wesley Shipp will be back.

Barry is resting and now he knows he is fast enough to get Devoe before he portals away again, he just needs to be ready for when Devoe appears.

Wells2 and Jesse have a reconciliation.

Caitlyn this time remembers KF's recent actions, usually she doesn't.

She and Wells2 are interrupted by the girl that appeared at Barry's wedding. After they leave her she gets a grim look as she watches them go.

Okay so Barry's refusal to time warp while somewhat understandable is flawed in that we are talking about only going back a few minutes to prevent the detonation. The change to time would be a brief one.

I thought for a moment Barry was going to someone portal the bomb to Devoe or else get to Devoe and get him to help shut it down.

They speculate that Devoe helped the terrorists get to the bomb but can't figure as to why.

The sphere with Barry's bio data in it is no longer in the speed force and is destroyed by the bomb and SF lightning. Currently there is no Speed Force storm searching for the SF satisfied? is this what the SF really wanted? or is this going to have ramifications later?

well given how the writing has been....I doubt it.

Also interesting to note that despite the speed force energies and speedsters regeneration powers that age can and will slowly diminish a speedster as Jay showed tonight.

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