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Author Topic: Finished rewatching the 90's FLASH Series
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Frankly I've had more fun watching the 90's series again then I have had watching Season 3 and 4 of the current series.

Best episodes of the 90's series

1. the pilot episode

2. the two episodes with Nightshade, the hero from the 50's.

3. the two episodes with Mark Hamill as the Trickster, soon afterwards he would become the voice of the Joker but if you want to see him as a live action Joker style character in his youth then watch the episodes with the Trickster.

4. the episode with Captain Cold

Danny Elfman did the music and Howard Chaykin was involved with the writing for the series.

While the series did NOT show Barry as having a "flash ring" there were plenty of times he'd start running and would switch to his costume while running and back to civilian clothes again.

There is no Speed Force in this series, I can't be sure but I think the speed force was created in the comics in 1994, and this series ended in 1991. Barry's energy comes from within himself and is primarily dependent on his food intake and his maintaining his hydration.

In the pilot episode he did suffer a few blackouts, as the series went on he'd show signs of fatigue if he went too fast for too long. Also his appetite was endless as his body constantly needed energy. In the first episode with the Trickster he had to run to a city 150 miles away from Central City to save a friend. Once there he barely had the energy to stop the Trickster and save her. She then took him to an all you can eat restaurant and then they drove back to Central City, so yes this series kept limits on his powers.

There was no cosmic treadmill in the series, but the treadmill at Star Labs was used to first test his speed and was later modified for him to use to generate power during a black out.

The only time he time warped was when he was running past his normal max speed trying to outrun a missile that was locked onto his heat signature. The missile detonates and its explosion propelled Barry into time warp. He arrives in 2001 and has to get back to set things right, so they recreate the accident and he gets sent back to the past, the timelines converge so the two Flashes become one and he saves the day.

NO Reverse Flash, there was an episode where he joked with someone about how maybe Flash was created by a "Professor Zoom". The closest we got to a RF was when someone got Barry's blood and cloned him. The clone ends up perishing in a way reminiscent of Barry's death in the Crisis, leaving an empty suit behind.

Also while Barry worked with Tina McGee a lot, he was far more capable of thinking on his feet then the 2014 Flash always radioing for help.

He could vibrate through walls, he discovered this when he got dosed with a powerful hallucinogen and his metabolism went into overdrive to burn it out of him.

Plenty of easter eggs such as

1. Star Labs being located on Garrick Avenue
2. an incident was reported occurring at the street corner of Gardner and Fox
3. The Infantino Hotel, the Carmine Infantino suite
4. Gorilla Grodd was the name of a mobster that Nightshade stopped in the 50's.
5. Barry had an older brother named Jay who ended up killed in the pilot.

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