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Subj: Flash May 15th
Posted: Wed May 16, 2018 at 03:23:11 am BST (Viewed 1213 times)

Devoe easily breaches a blackops site at first impersonating Diggle

Team Flash comments how they have eyes on every possible launch site including BLACK HAWK ISLAND.

Cisco comments how Devoe is a one man legion of doom and they are the super friends.....

Wells2 brain is really drifting into Rutabaga land

Barry goes to get Diggle for information, Cisco and crew wisely have a trashcan ready for him. \:\)

Diggle checks the Argus system and learns he was impersonated.

Devoe is after the meta Borman, he is using his power to generate massive energy to charge his satellites

Cisco and Caitlyn deduce that Barry can briefly bring them into Flashtime mode so that they can save the hostages Devoe has while Barry gets Devoe. They deduce Barry generates Speed Force as well as tapping the SF for speed.

Barry starts to train them on how to move in Flashtime

JOe's girl experiences a humorous/ominous spike in her telepathy

We learn the reason for the enlightenment:

New data about Killer Frost

Devoe launches the satellites, Barry destroys one of them.

Devoe confronts Barry and explains his plan

Devoe attacks Star Labs to launch its satellite, cliffhanger ending.

Glad next week is the season finale, this season needs to end.