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Subj: Civil War Frontline #10 spoiled for those who dont buy it [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 05:38:38 pm EST
Reply Subj: Poll: Penance (aka "S&M Man") - Too much, just right or not enough? [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 06:31:47 pm EST

Not so much a review as this will be a lowdown on what happens in the ish, so turn back if you don't want to know.

We Open with the improbable scene of Ms Marvel providing Sally with some compromising information - intercut scenes of their meeting along with a scene at Pro-Reg's hq show that Iron Man has told Reed that there's a traitor (possibly who it is), and he also lets everyone else on the team know, with the exception of who the traitor actually is. This pisses off Hank Pym greatly. Back to Ms Marvel and Sally, Ms Marvel has handed Sally a piece of paper with some as-yet-unrevealed info on it, we do know she has told Sally that the Goblin's nanites have been tampered with, proving there is a traitor on the pro-reg side. Sally is also told only Stark knows who the traitor is.
(On a side note, as annoyed as I was at the portrayal of a reporter walking out on an exclusive interview in CW #9- this scene takes the cake. Not to mention Ms Marvel just handing over information of this nature to a reporter to begin with. Maybe Ms Marvel heard about the Cap interview and decided that Sally was not a real reporter and that no harm would be done in giving her sensitive information)
Sally stares at the paper ms Marvel has given her after Ms Marvel flies away and says "...surely it cant be that simple."
Ben Urich arranges a meeting with Sally by phone to compare notes. Before he goes to the meeting he stops by the Bugle to quit, citing that he has a story so big it could never be published. JJJ shakes his hand and lets him go without chastising him.
A quick interlude shows a tv news reporter mentioning Atlantean forces are converging just outside of a new 75 mile total exclusion zone.
He mentions one minority senate oppositions leader blames Stark and his influence on Congress for rising tensions with Atlantis. Reed tells Tony to stay the course.
Sally and Ben meet at Times Square where there is a battle going on. Venom appears to have killed Typeface. Daredevil is seen swinging around in this battle (perhaps explaining his arrest at the end of CW #5, though he is not shown to be captured here). Other Thunderbolts are a part of this battle as well...Songbird and Radioactive Man. None of them speak. This is really about Ben and Sally looking for safe cover and finally finding it in a subway entrance.
Sally shows Ben the paper and he tells her that it has confirmed his suspicions about Stark. He had come up with the exact same conclusions himself.
This part of the story ends with Ben telling Sally he thinks he knows the real reasons behind the Civil War.

As for the rest: There is only one other story in this issue and it involves Robbie Baldwin. He exonerates the man who shot him, though the man is not thrilled because he feels Robbie is the reason for his child's death. Robbie has registered and right after he tells Reed Richards off, he tells Reed that he'll report as agreed upon to work in the morning.
He burns the Speedball costume and meets with some shady costume manufacturer who has created a new costume for Robbie to wear. It's basically a torture-chamber for the wearer, with spikes that penetrate the wearers skin, all meant inflict pain upon him. The most pertinent details of the suit are that there is one spike for each victim of Stamford, 60 of those placed in the most painful spots for Robbie (to represent the 60 kids killed in the disaster). 2 added spikes in the gloves of the suit that represent the 2 responders killed when they discovered Spedy in Upstate New York after the disater (they are to represent blood on his hands). Speedy is now Penance. He vows never to see his mother again as well in accompanying text that represents a note to her.

There's your issue. For this series, not a bad one. Combined with CW #6, it really just leaves you wanting to know what the hell is up with Stark...there's definitely something.

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