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Subj: My reviews for this week (spoilers)
Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 02:29:29 am CST
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Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 at 08:07:44 am CST


Ok, I am reviewing something. That means a book was either exceptionally good, or exceptionally horrible. Since if a good book is good consistently I tend to not complain it is the latter. I picked up 3 titles this week, but as this review got way too big I will only review The Initiative in this post (Mighty Avengers and Zombies vs AoD may come later if I feel like it).

first the one that annoys me.

CIVIL WAR: THE INITIATIVE: This is more or less a preview book they tried to make look like a story. The key to a preview book is to make people want to buy the previewed comics within it. This book turned me off from most of the comics within. It starts off seeming pleasant enough. A nice placid scene with blues, whites, reds, and yellows in it, that's right BRIGHT COLORS. I for one am sick of marvels overuse of shades of black, brown, grey, and super muddy subdued colors lately. Even worse some fans find these super dark scenes beutiful which I do not understand. It shows Iron Man (booo! hiss!) flying and made a lame comment on him being the leader of the superheros. This is cheesy enough to almost lull you into thinking post CW will be nice again. However this does not hold up on the next pages. Cut to Micael, the Mutant Xorn host who blew up Canada being held in custody and interrogated/interviewed. You'd swear this is a SHIELD custody scene. It smells of one. But instead the interviewer morphs into Sasquatch and forces Michael to join the new Omega Flight to make up for what he did. So now Canada is playing shield?

Next cut to Hurricane running from the Ellisbolts. He has good reason to run from these psychos. Only shield commands are keeping them from killing. This however is one of the first scenes I seen where Radioactive Man looks Asian, but the artist overdid it slightly and made him almost a stereotype. Then their is Penance. Speedball was once one of my favorite characters so I hate Penance. This shows me even more how much of a monster he is. The red parts of his armor look like exposed muscle, the faceless mask is nearly demonic looking, even his cocked head tilting in a direction opposite of his body lean seems off. Then he shows his pain addiction. It makes me sick. Kill him so his inner kinetic energies can be freed and coalesce into the real speedball.

Next cut to Spiderwoman fighting Grey Gargoyle. Ms Marvel flies in, takes out GG, and steals her thunder. She then tries convincing Spiderwoman to register and saying cap isn't dead. Spiderywoman refuses. Carol cannot turn in her friend. This all seems happy and hopeful... until she returns to stark. Stark chides for for this then goes to jarvis. Jarvis says Stark needs the Avengers for his own good and says no to Tigera. Stark is also convinced he needs a ninja on the team. Why a ninja? Everyone is sick of Ninja's in New Avengers.

Cut Scene. A sniper kills Captain America. Sad but true. But everyone following CW here knew he would die, just not how. I wish he didn't, tony should have died instead.

Next cut to the wrecking crew attacking. The most overused cannon fodder villains EVER. (as opposed to grandmaster who is the most overused mastermind villain in marvel).

Finally cut to the registered heros apprehending cloud 9, the end.

How is this preview book supposed to sell books? Every book it advertized in here it made sound bad one way or another. All it did was hammer home what I dislike of New Marvel. I will give Avengers the Initiative and Omega Flight a try, but not from this book. If anything THIS book gives me doubts on those titles.

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