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Subj: a few wild theories in the aftermath of the war. (1 minor spoiler inside)
Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 04:47:50 am EST
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Posted: Sat Mar 10, 2007 at 09:07:44 am EST

Thinking back on Civil War now it is over, I had a few wild theories cross my mind.

1. TONY'S SENTRY ADDICTION: This one is a long shot but not as much of one as theory number three here. notice how when Sentry went to the moon Tony tried hard to talk him to returning. Notice how Tony puts so much faith on him as being a member of the pro-regs. this next line is a minor spoiler about Mighty avengers so if you want to void it do so now. (SPOILER) Notice how Tony insisted Sentry be on the Might Avengers despite Carol disagreeing. if you read the first Sentry series you will see The Sentry has a psychological effect on people with his very presence. He calms the hulk, he makes Reed Richards quests seem like safe, fun, adventures and not dangerous missions. As you all know Tony Stark is a former alcoholic thus is probne to addiction to mind altering substances. Is Tony an addict to the Sentry's mind altering presence and is the confidence boost from this part of what made him so bad in Civil War? Think about it.

2. TONY'S MIND CONTROLLER: Here is another one I thought of. Admittedly the only reason I thought of this theory is it beats the sad reality of poor characterization. Could it be that aming Tony Stark's hired heros and villains was a secret weapon kept hidden from the readers. A mind controller. I mean could subtle mental prodding have made the emergency workers attack cap, then more subtle mind control could have enhanced caps pre-existing doubts to the point of surrendering.

3. TAKING OUT A STARK KILLER FROM THE START: This theory is even so far fetched that I don't believe it and it is mainly wishful thinking from a new warriors fan. Could it be part of the reason behind stamford being set up was to torture and warp speedball beyond all recognition and to break his will. Why would stark want to create the horrible penance monster (someone please kill it so his internal energies can excape and coalesce into the real speedball). think of what happens if Caps raid on 42 freed speedball if he was imprisoned with full powers and personality. not only does he have a nearly invincible forcefield he could toss a kinetic charge into starks armor from an eye or mouth hole. If you know speedball you know what happens when his kinetic charge gets placed in a confined area (such as a pipe or a TK bubble). it blows up. And he was getting better at focusing his powers. He would have been the perfect stark stopper.

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