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Subj: Mark Millar and Steve McNiven CW Commentary in latest Wizard Magazine [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 at 05:42:28 pm EDT
Reply Subj: So who was behind the whole Stamford incident? (Potential Spoilers, obviously)
Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 at 01:19:47 am EDT

Just got the latest issue of Wizard, which has a Director's Commentary on Civil War. Millar and McNiven show up to give their commentary on the series post-publication, but unfortunately they don't say much that hasn't been said before on the Internet. Much of the commentary is their defense of the controversial moments in the series, followed by a lot of self-congratulation towards each other and some immature joking about Sue Storm's T&A.

( Of course, this IS Wizard, so they do know their audience. Which is no longer me, since the only part of Wizard that I really cared about-- the TPB reviews-- has been cut out, replaced with a mere laundry list of graphic novel solicitations But that's neither here nor there ).

Anyway some things of note....

-- The scene of all the heroes gathered to discuss the SHRA in the first issue is based on a splash page by John Buscema, circa Yellowjacket and the Wasp's wedding. In that scene, the heroes are casually partying and sipping non-alcoholic punch. In Millar and McNiven's scene, they're arguing about the Act, with some of them uncharacteristically supporting it. Something seems very wrong about how the original shot was used for this.

-- Lots of disbelief on Millar's part about how Iron Man is viewed as a bad guy. He discusses the Cap/IM meeting in issue 3, and makes a point that Cap throws the first punch ( which is an untruth, because Tony took down two of Cap's men first ). He seems to think that Iron Man's comprimising with the government is somehow a justifiable position. Given Millar's political statements in previous interviews, it seems odd that he'd take Tony's side.

-- Discussion of an email Millar got about how Thor is an Aryan Superman taking down one of the few black heroes in Marvel. Millar defends himself by saying that he just wanted to kill off a giant hero. While I don't think that Millar is a racist, I can't believe that he's surprised that someone would read in those overtones.

-- Comparison of Cap and the Punisher as " the same guy " because they both represent American wars in the 20th century. Seems rather oblivious to the individual personalities of both characters ( that Cap is the MU's paragon of virtue, and Frank is a serial killer who happens to go after people who arguably deserve it ).

-- Close-up on Woody Allen, who makes a cameo amongst the crowds in the final issue.

Anyone else read this? I'm not reccomending it, but it is certainly interesting ( if troubling ).

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