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Subj: Earth's Most Wanted
Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 12:12:57 pm EST
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Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 at 11:10:30 pm EST

Over at, they have Earth's Most Wanted, potential targets of the Skrulls' Secret Invasion, in the format of playing cards. Starting with Aces and now down to 8's.

People already picked are:
Iron Man    Mr. Fantastic    Professor X    Namor
Nick Fury    Black Bolt    Dr. Strange    Hulk
Ms. Marvel    Invisible Woman    Storm     Emma Frost
Thor     Sentry     Black Panther    Hulkling
Dr. Doom    Ares     Luke Cage    Captain America
Captain Mar-VellSuper Skrull    Wolverine    Yellowjacket
Maria Hill    Amadeus Cho    Cyclops     Beast

Who else, not already picked, do you think is a potential target?

My Picks:
Spider-Man: The Spider-Sense and the fact that he just seems to pop up everywhere and has contacts with (i.e teamed-up with) just about everyone from Captain America to Loki, may make him a potential threat.

Red Skull: Both the Red Skull and The Skrulls have experiences with Cosmic Cubes and Skull's current political destabilization of America could be an asset.

Lyja Laserfist: A skrull with a romantic connection to the hated FF.

Crystal: Easily replaced since the Skrulls already had Black Bolt. Connected to both the FF and the Avengers

Ultra-Girl & Marvel Boy: Connections to the Kree

Iron Fist: Already replaced once by the Super Skrull, so why not again? Also has strong ties to Luke Cage, a potential leader.

Thing & Human Torch: Naturally

Namorita: Maybe it was a skrull who died?

Namora: Came back too life a little too out of the blue

Jimmy Woo: Has taken over the Yellow Claw's vast organization. Last thing the Skrulls would want is another secret organization.

Mole Man: Controls the subterranean realms. Good place for the Skrulls to covertly observe and strike from.

Wiccan: Boyfriend of Hulkling, who has ties to both Kree and Skrull.

Jessica Jones-Cage & Kid: Already some suspicions there.

Spider-Woman: Ditto. Wasn't she supposed to get a series? Where is that?

Black Widow: Already a spy and secretive, so who would notice?

The Gwen Stacy Clone: Been awhile since she's been around.

Blue Shield: Why not?

Moonstone: Already has a talent for manipulating people for her own ends. Replace her and destroy the Thunderbolts from within (although Moonstone would probably do that anyway for kicks).

Impossible Man: Already a shapeshifter. Just give a skrull a post-hypnotic suggestion he's a poppupian and some LSD and set him loose.

Dexter Bennet: What better way to keep an eye on Peter Parker and become friendly with him than to purchase the Bugle, and actually decent prices for the photos.

Harry Osborne: Why is he alive now? Either a Skrull or Mephisto.

Jughead: no one can eat that many hambugers and remain that thin and be human.

Barracuda: The one the Punisher killed was the Skrull. The real one will be back. Teaming up with the Russian (The Skrull version was the one that was nuked).

One of the Twelve: Why Not?

Rick Jones: Shouldn't he be dead already? Crippled, Cancer, beaten, and more radiation exposure than possible.

Aunt May: Again, how is she still alive? (other than Mephisto, which I really do not like that whole deal thing--See Below).

Mephisto: Was not the devil that gave Spider-Man his deal, but a skrull who hypnotized him. The "Brand New Day" storyline is but a dream. Peter will wake up and find MJ or Patrick Duffy in the shower.

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