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Subj: Marvel Comics Presents 6,,, [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 10:19:21 am EST
Reply Subj: Captain America #39 Cover Revealed! [SPOILERS]
Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2008 at 02:23:00 pm EST

The cover was fantastic and psyched me up to get into the issue after enjoying the last one quite a bit... but then... deja vu...










It seemed the same story. Nice art again. Dolan accused, arrested, and shocked again. Screwy evidence and partner behaviour. Young Dominic Fortune on the roof talking cryptic.

It seemed the same story. With less attention to story and art - not that bad, but less. Okay, Stegron was new but just gets added to the list of villains that should be dead. They even make a joke about this curiousity which seemed a bit teasing to the readers with no hard evidence of explanation or timeline placement. Well, Lukin was an interesting name to read.

Recently got thru the disappointing THE CHOSEN mini and this seemed the same in that it wasn't really a Cap story. More a character piece of someone with healthy dose of Steve Rogers thrown in. If not for having read that mini this'd been less redundant in that regard.

The story vehicle this chapter, USAgent and Iron Man literally recap the same last story. 'Not that there's anything wrong with that' - but not after 3 other instances of deja vu (not to mention every Dr Benning session so far)... Now the fan fun with rearranging some stuff, again, to see how I might've enjoyed the $4.05 issue moreso.

Page 1.
As is... have OFTEN visited the beautiful Falls and this was an admirable artistic rendering indeed!. IM's vertically parting the curtain of water, midair, seemed odd - maybe the little angle expected is just a perspective thing.

Page 2.
Tony's part is still odd in this. Can't really edit anything he says not understanding his 'skrull war' status or his bargained minimal access to Pointer.

Page 3.
For a psychiatrist analyzing her patient, Benning sure does talk a lot. Accept it as part of her character but just noting it. Am tempted to take out the part where Pointer talks about helping Rachel only because OTTOMH it was the other way around.

Page 4.
This whole page was boring. On and on about if the voices were in or out of the suit. Condense it to one panel. Have a test subject scene or maybe a MEANWHILE page spotlighting Sasquatch or Talisman in some capacity wouldve been more interesting.

Page 5.
As is... Really smiled at the Rap-Tore impersonation. \:D

Page 6.
Get rid of his looking at his wristband(over his guantlet?) or AT LEAST the 'he's outta range'. Is Walker trying to out spy the current spy king? With tech ot out-tech Tony's? Or is he looking at a real watch timing when he should be out of range(with no visual confirmation)?! SHeesh. Or have Shroud bring her out of the Darkforce with more FX if they want to have readers KNOW he was hiding in the pseudo-sciencitic Darkforce and IM has the terrible scanning functions. Even though buying the story for more CANADIAN content, it's neat to see his guest appearance to help out Julia - NO reason why they can't just get into see Pointer at their leisure or track a criminal now - however unlikely that is planned.

Page 7.
Note, didnt praise the refreshing unique water thunder effect all story 'cuz on the other hand shouting' aint the best plan for clandestine meetings. Page gives credit to Julia as capable of evading Brown and Walker surveillance and motherly concern. Page gives credit to USAgent with his offer to share and refrain from predictable jealousy comments.

Page 8.
GET that reverant/symbolic costume off the floor. Have a spy camera whirring in the corner reinforcing the fact Brown is watching Pointer. No idea the intent with Rachel here but it looks like a casual visit - this seem ludicrous! Walker stymied a meeting with him but she can just walk up and knock at the door? ASAP should comment on this unexplained security clearance as she had in the Omega Flight series.

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