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Subj: Deadly Green Mist and Seeing Red (Hulk and Iron Fist) [SPOILERS]
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 01:08:27 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: Move over, Squadron Supreme. There's a new homage group in town! *New Warriors Spoilers*
Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 04:03:13 am EST

I'm a little late on weighing in on the Iron Fist special "Orson Randall and The Green Mist of Death", but I wanted to read the whole 7 Capital Cities of Heaven saga from the start before jumping into the special. This saga seems like it's gone on forever both in terms of story and publication. With two more parts to go this whole storyline will comprise at least 9 issues including the annual and special.
It's been well worth it though. As I've said several times since the latest volume of Iron Fist has began, the expansion on the whole Iron Fist/K'un Lun mythology has greatly helped the character IMO. Orson Randall and Fat Cobra have been breakout characters. In fact, all of the new Immortal weapons are great. Plus we will get an opportunity to see Danny improve his power set by familiarizing himself with the Iron Fist history. Everyone else in the MU has gotten a powerup in recent years, why not Danny? It's also been good to see Luke, Misty and Colleen in the pages of this book. At least Luke isn't swearing every other panel or accusing someone of being a skrull.

Green Mist of Death was another fun read. While not as great as the Annual, this tale of Orson constantly escaping the pursuit of John Aman has several entertaining adventures. I think the artistic inconsistency hurt this book. I really didn't care for the art in the "Cowgirls from Hell" segment. The Frankenstein section was probably my favorite. Although this can be read as a stand alone book it does have several ties into the current 7 Cities storyline as we learn more about the orgins of the Rand fortune and the corruption in K'un Lun and the other cities.

The Prince of Orphans/John Aman is an intriguing character and I'm looking forward to learning more about him. He's certainly a force to be reckoned with, as anyone who saw his quick, brutal dimantling of Davos/Steel Phoenix knows.

Kudos to Fraction and company for this fun book.

I bought the first two issues of Hulk. I know there was a thread down the board about it but it's almost gone. I enjoyed the first two issue, particularly the mystery of just who/what the Red Hulk is. The second issue had some silly moments that seemed a bit inane. Yet another Helicarrier crash? Iron Man screaming "Oh the Humanity! I half expected to see Barney from the Simpsons show up as the SHIELD pilot and Kent Brockman bellowing that line along with Stark.

Still, I like McGuinness' art and the mystery makes the first couple issues work. It has a kind of monster movie feel to it.

I'm sure that the gap of time between WWH and the present series holds the answers to the "Who is the Red Hulk" question. So I'm willing to just go along for the ride and hope the answer isn't something stupid like a "Hulk Force" because there does seem to be the likelihood of several Red Hulk's.

Here are my initial thoughts based on the first few Red Hulk appearances:

Abombination murder: Wouldn't it be ironic if Samson is telegraphing moves he actually performed as the Red Hulk? One thing that stood out to me was his remark that the brutal murder of the Abombination seemed like an act of revenge. I can see Banner and Ross wanting revenge for Betty's death(she is officially dead now since Jones' run has been retconned as Nightmare manipulation correct?). Ross, knowing that a beating may not be enough, could have acquired the gun. Also, where were these guns during WWH? \:\-\)

Couple of questions: no one remarks on(particularly Jennifer) that the last time the Abombination was seen he had been made part of SHIELDs project Achilles. If he was controlled by nanites that could explain his lackluster showing against Red Hulk or how someone tracked him down.

You could say that Alaska is a few Hulk jumps from Russia. Based on the fact that in issue #2 Rick knows that the Abombination is dead and that Red Hulk killed him, is it possible that he was there? Could he even be a suspect?

I notice that in issue #2 neither Ross or Samson mention their visit to Banner. Are they in cahoots, sharing Red Hulk power? I sincerely hope we don't get anything along the lines of a Hulk Force.

The Helicarrier incident: I believe Ross is involved in this somehow. If he's not a Red Hulk then he knows who is. I don't believe though that he or Samson would knowingly risk that type of destruction and innocent death. Maybe this Red Hulk is some new animal altogether?

Finally, the scene in which Red Hulk confronts Rick. Who "hates to be wrong"? Both Samson and Ross fit the bill here. It looks like Rick recognizes the Red Hulk in his human guise and then sees him transform into Red Hulk. And now Rick is Abomb? This could be heading down the absurdity path but I'll give it a bit more time.

Traditionally characters exposed to Gamma radiation mutate uniquely. What are the odds that someone else could become a Hulk or abombination duplicate? I hope there's more than meets the eye here and I'm sure it all ties into the missing time. After all, we don't know how Rick "got better" from the end of WWH.

The mystery will sustain my interest but I think this title might struggle once it gets to the point in which Red Hulk has to face foes who can challenge him.

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