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The Black Guardian

Subj: Cosmic Big Bads for the New Guardians of Galaxy (NO Spolers) Just Suggestions
Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2008 at 08:33:41 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: Secret Invasion Saga Preview
Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 03:57:08 am EST

Man, with two interviews regarding the upcoming new series, Guardians of the Galaxy now posted in Newsarama and gives me serious fan goosebumps and a godd case of the 90s nostalgia!

Paging super DNA: misters dan abnett and andy lanning!

1) This fan want to see a new version of the Universal Church of Truth to menace the new Guardians. This would be a perfect counterpoint since it is a religion-based grey area metaphor-rich opposite to the Guardians.

2) I want to have heroes-turned-villains nemeses concept a-la Battle Axis, my vote would be for: Overmind (grey-area character for the most part) and the former Force Works character: Century.

3) A present incarnation of Starhawk and or the Hawk-God and some Arcturan Reavers villainy!

4) If Bug from the Microverse is in our dimension isn't Marionette and Arcturus Rann far behind? hehehehe Wishful thinking! BUT not as Villains but ALLIES!

I missed em Microns a lot!

5) More cosmic villains like the Classic Cosmic Convicts from the Maximum Security! a la The Raft! LOL

6) I also miss 'em Ex-Prisoners from the Stranger's Lab World

7) Man, I am missing Mark Gruenwald but then again, we have DNA!