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Subj: Thoughts on my week's worth of Marvels, dd, Thor, Cap and Kick Ass [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 10:08:08 pm EST
Reply Subj: Re: Could somebody help me out with World War Hulk finale..?
Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 at 10:38:34 am EST

Slim week, but since the government was nice enough to give me money back on my taxes, I got a couple extra and was glad for it.

Some tough love from me towards Brubaker when it comes to Captian America 35 and Daredevil 105. Both provide serviceable stories, but both left me feeling slightly flat. Captain America picks up with the riots that Bucky/Cap has to try to calm down. Some action ensues and the plot to create the riot to begin with is figured out by Bucky. There's some subplotting, with Skull's machinations (unfortunately it comes across as stuff we pretty much already know), the Falcon trying to track down Faustus, and Sharon's pregnancy may be in jeopardy as well. Two things that I liked are the ending, which shows Bucky ready to square off against the Serpent Squad, and one strange little thing I picked up on - maybe it's nothing, maybe it means something - but Skull referring to Sharon as "Roger's woman" came across to me as being a relatively present tense thing to say about the deceased Captain. Does Skull know something we don't? Plus, Black Widow and Bucky work together well, perhaps hinting at something to come between the two. Overall, these things seem like interesting tidbits that move the story forward, and they are, but for whatever reason, I just didn't get the same amount of "cool" i'm used to from this title after past issues. Not bad, by any means though. As for DD, well the struggle against Mr Fear is over. I have no problems with the bittersweet ending. I have no problem with Mr Fear having stuck it to DD as it makes for an interesting story - I even had no problem with the revelation that Fear's gas effects on Mia will not only be permanent, but are incurable. I'm reminded of the Ross character on 'Friends' always saying "We were on a break!" to the extreme annoyance of the other friends...but the argument holds true for me here - it took over 5 issues to reveal this stuff? Here I think we're going somewhere and as it stands, Mr Fear technically beat DD weeks beforehand. Basically we get Mr Fear's posturing and capture and confession which clears Mia, and ends the arc - but this all could have been handled just as well in a lot fewer issues - in fact, it could have all been condensed into DD 100 and 101 could have started a new arc featuring the Hood. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I liked the story, I just wasn't satisfied at the conclusion with the length of it. So much so I may take a DD break over the next couple months.

Thor is once again a good read, focusing on the impact of the Asgardians in this small town, and some interesting co-mingling. There's some interesting one-off stories told, Volstagg's t.m.i. reveal about Asgardian bathroom habits being the most amusing. The end of the story has Thor using his lightning effect that resurrects the Asgardians on a global level, knowing that it may kill him to do so, and we of course have to wait until next issue to find out if it did - but it wouldn't be Thor's comic if it did, would it? This will lead hopefully bring back all the relevant Asgardians and we can then move on to other tales, rather than "who Thor will bring back this month," which would have gotten old. I like this title, it's well written and actually making me interested in secondary characters now. Kudos to JMS for that. I gave the guy a lot of flak during his later tenure on Spidey - and dammit - why couldn't he have been able to/allowed to instill this kind of characterization into either new or returning supporting cast there?? Coipel's art is also excellent. I've really grown to appreciate his work, and the facial details of the character's is fantastic in this book. You really get a sense of what people are thinking by looking at them - no small feat in a comic.

Kick Ass has been covered enough on the board, but I liked it. Not just because i'm a Romita Jr fan. It wasn't the violence or swearing. I guess this is one of those books different people can walk away from with different impressions. Nitz eloquently put quite a decent spin on it already - and then there's likely some who'll just be drawn to the graphic content. I think the best thing to call this book is "honest." It's a realistic look at something we take for granted in the genre, and it intrigues and works very well. I wouldn't think that it's entirely fair to call this book cynical. Just my impression. It's fun to expand beyond the normal 616 universe and get something different. I would recommend this book to anyone with a mind to see some honesty in the comic book storytelling.

Lastly, I got FF The Lost Adventure. I love history. This is a fun book if you enjoy insider stuff. We get the tale as Kirby likely envisioned it (with help from those who had to manufacture a few pieces of art and dialogue here and there to fill gaps), the story as it was originally published, and a fairly honest account by an historian on how this whole issue became lost in the first place. Good stuff, and I would dare say, if you are a fan of the Lee/Kirby FF run, a must have.

That's about all I can tell you! Thoughts? Any other books that I should have gotten instead?

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