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Well, for the next month or so, I won't be able to get my comics due to my money being funnelled into my illness problems, but hopefully I'll be able to start picking my books up again next month. I'll still be posting regularly, though, so I'm not going anywhere. \:\-\)

In the meantime, I did finally read NEW AVENGERS #42 and actually liked it. I like that the big dinosaur scattering is being used as a springboard for stories. I also liked the heavy use of Shanna the She-Devil in this issue, as well as seeing the flipside of the story to NEW AVENGERS #6. Looked to me like we had some Skrulls doing some no-ggod stuff in the Savage Land without the Queen's approval? But then, the Queen ended up seeing it anyway, if she's been posing as Spider-Woman.

Meanwhile, NEW WARRIORS #12 was very excellent! It took 10 issues, but I think Grevioux is finally starting to get the hanging of writing a monthly comic book. His take on Machinesmith is quite interesting, and I like how he's made this old villain a huge, credible threat! And Diablo is waiting in the wings, as his Book of Shadows was stolen by Midnight's Fire (I believe that's who that is).

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Blackagar Boltagon

Don't stop posting just because of the budget crunch! The internet wouldn't feel the same without a daily dose of Attok!

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I for one will miss your Sunday reviews. As an ex-Avengers reader I always find your observations about the title(s) interesting and informative, and your posts save me the aggravation of visiting the AMB.

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I managed to be able to put aside $25 for comics this month, so yay! I plan on getting the following books this week: CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI:13 #2, HULK: RAGING THUNDER #1, SECRET INVASION #3, SI: WHO DO YOU TRUST? #1, LAST DEFENDERS #4 and NEW EXILES #7. The rest I will save for two weeks from now so I can get MS. MARVEL #28 and NEW AVENGERS #42 at least.

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