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Subj: Marc Spector Moon Knight 42...
Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 at 12:07:58 pm EDT (Viewed 174 times)

Thought of Infinity War after seeing this post
and decided to dig up an old copy to verify the reverse-heroes as candidates. Since it was out, decided to read it and maybe review it for any interested (or out of habit now). Here goes...

Marc Spector Moon Knight 42 (1992)


Y'think Marc is going thru craziness now? During this time 'round he went thru more nuttiness than Squirrel Girl's favourite sandwich.

The letters page (aaah, letter pages...) said it best "this is the most bizarre MK issue ever published". This turned out to be a negative thing. Count NINE accomplished, and liked, artists combining for this >--negative adjective--< effort with this crazy convoluted chronicle. The premise seemed to have a host of parody dopplegangers combine into a serious multiversal crisis. Doesn't work - or maybe it's just dated. IIRC, liked the Infinity War Event in general.

Moonshade, Darkmoon, Moonfang, Greywing, Cresent Moon, Moon Ghost, Dino-Knight, Mr.Spector, Moon-Maid, and the inevitable Moonman & Moonboy! On a pure parody level it would have read more fun but there were too many words complicating it.

Newswoman Ellen Brosterman was the only credible character.

Cutting to the chase... it goes on my to-sell-pile.

Not going to be looking for next issue but am curious if anyone recalls how MK defeats Moon Shade. tia


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