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Subj: The "Create Your Own Marvel Tales" Game
Posted: Mon Jul 28, 2008 at 12:58:48 am EDT (Viewed 80 times)

With all the new Marvel Fairy Tales that are now being written, I began wondering what other types of Marvel Fairy Tales could be written with the existing Marvel characters. For this thread, post your tales, your cast list, and a brief plot treatment.

-The 12 Labors of Hulkules:

Hercules was the strongest hero in all of Greek myth. So who better to take the role than the strongest character in the Marvel Universe, the Hulk?

The world needs a champion against the monstrous Abomination that threatens to overthrow the gods and consume the world in eternal darkness. To that end, the mighty Lord Ross, ruler of the gods proposes a desperate gambit-to imbue a mortal man with the spirit of the great warrior god Gamma, to combine the greatest attributes of man and mortal, and put him through a series of trials to create the greatest and finest warrior the world has ever seen, one who will be able to stand against the Abominations. Samson, the god of wisdom, protests against this enslaving of a mortal man, of usurping his life for the gods' own ends, and in punishment Lord Ross exiles Samson and banishes him from heaven, to be tormented ever more by thunderbolts.

The mortal man Bruce, a gifted, peace-loving man of science, and prince of the kingdom of Banner, finds himself imbued with the frightening power and strength of the warrior god Gamma. Gamma compels him to murder his beloved Elizabeth, as well as his own parents, in a fit of rage. Bruce's wicked uncle Brian seizes the throne that rightfully belongs to Bruce, and cruelly tasks him with undertaking twelve great tasks to atone for his crimes, of which he is innocent and yet guilty.

Banished from his home, Bruce struggles against the monstrous urges of the warrior spirit within him, even as he is dependent on that same power to battle the horrific monsters against which the usurper Brian sends him. But above and beyond his inner turmoil, there rises a deep against the usurper who took his rightful heritage away from him, and now treats him like a slave, and of the god who cursed him with this monstrous form, doomed to wander as an exile, never again to know peace so long as he is shackled to the monster within.

As the final battle with the Abomination draws near, can even the gods stand against the being they have created, imbued with the power of the greatest of warriors, and the anger of the mortal man who they have seized for their own ends?

In this version of the myth, obviously the Hulk plays Hercules, with the Hulk symbolizing his connection to the divine, which was the source of Hercules's strength in the original myths (IOW, he was the son of Zeus). Brian Banner plays Eurystheus, the jealous, spiteful coward who usurped Hercules's rightful place as king of Argolis and set Hercules on the Twelve Labors. The Abomination plays the role of the Titans, the beings that threatened to destroy the gods of Olympus and who could only be slain by a mortal man, in this case Hercules/the Hulk. Doc Samson plays Prometheus, the god who rebelled against Zeus and suffered for it until he was freed by Heracles. "Thunderbolt" Ross, appropriately enough, plays the role of Zeus.

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