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Subj: Latest Marvel Previews Thoughts
Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 at 09:30:58 am EDT

Here we go....

It looks like Brubaker is finally taking abreak from his long, drawn out Red Skull storyline to tell a three-part story I'm....uninterested in. Glad I dropped this title.

The Hood issue of NEW AVENGERS should be interesting, I hope. The story for MIGHTY #19 used to be the story for #17. Nice cover.

I still can't wait to see Project Pegasus in NOVA. "Unexpected allies?" Maybe some obscure heroes and/or villains?

She-Hulk is now a part of the Lady Liberators. I guess Peter David is ignoring her membership in the newest Defenders. Typical and expected. However, I see the Lady Libs will be showing up in HULK#7. Now that issue I think I'll get, and I do like the idea of a new Lady Liberators.

Brian Reed delves into Carol Danvers' past in the Air Force. Should be interesting. Maybe Mystique can be inserted in here somewhere. In any case, can't wait to read the story, as usual.

Where's the newest issue of PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT? #4 should have been listed, but it's not. Curious.

Enough of the X-events already. Sheesh. One person season? And yet another Wolverine mini. Sweet mercy. Where are you Elf with a Gun?

I may have to get MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 since I see Jocasta on the cover. Bastards. What a way to draw me in. Jennifer Kale and her team THE COMMAND also debut. And this all takes place on 616. Bastards. I hate Marvel Zombies. But Jocasta and Jennifer Kale....not sure I can pass them up.