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Subj: Marvel Zombies 4 #2 features the return of....
Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 at 01:23:18 pm CDT (Viewed 511 times)

Marvel Zombies #2 was pretty cool. I'm liking this new team, and I'm liking Jenifer Kale even more. Let's hope she becomes more of a regularly used character after this, that is, if she lives. This issue also features a team not seen in ages, The Night Shift. This was the coolest portrayal of the Night Shift I've ever seen. All of the team members were to be taken seriously, even Dansen Macabre who seemed to really kick *** for once. The all seemed to be a tough force, dared to be reconned with. They had the upper hand until Morbius went bat-**** insane and they got their tails handed to them. It seemed as if our team of "heroes" had killed them, but they all survived only to get killed by an airborne strain of the Zombie virus in the next panel.

Too bad really. I hate it when characters are brought out of limbo only to be killed off (Darkstar, Goliath.) They could have beena really cool L.A. Initiative team under Norman's Dark Reign.