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Subj: Loners in Darkhawk #2?
Posted: Wed May 06, 2009 at 08:09:35 pm EDT (Viewed 217 times)

The 2-part mini couldve easily been a one issue special. #2 felt more or less the same as #1; Ascension #1 sorta too. Did anyone like it better than the first ish? Not that the art is bad or the Raptor/Shiar connection isnt intriguing mind you.

The one scene that was probably meant as a bonus but came off as a disappointing move was the inclusion of the Loners. It was cool to have the characters not consigned to Limbo but the whole support group moving from California to NY seems a lame plot device. Doesnt feel right that Julie is still going to meetings either. The crew from Loners #6 was there minus Goblin, Hollow and Mattie - plus it was frustrating not to find out who the apparent 2 new members are - unless it was a sentence skimmed by. Do we know who the two guys are?

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