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Subj: New Comic Reviews: New Avengers: The Reunion #3 and Invincible Iron Man #13!
Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 at 09:25:08 am EDT (Viewed 33 times)

Only two books this week. I'm behind on a few titles, like WAR OF KINGS and CAPTAIN BRITAIN, but I'll catch up.

NEW AVENGERS: THE REUNION #3: This issue, Bobbi and Clint infiltrate a huge gala where AIM has plans to kidnap the various great scientists and recruit them for their organization. The bomb threat is just a ploy, although there are indeed several bombs located all over the palace. In the meantime, while in the middle of their job, Bobbi passes out and flashes back to her time on the Skrull homeworld for 11 pages. At long last, we discover what happened to the poor girl. After she was captured during the AWC's battle with Ultron, Bobbi awoke and found herself seemingly back on Earth, with her AWC comrades. She spent time with them, filing reports on the enemies and foes the team "encountered". During this time, Hawkeye-Skrull mentally toyed with Bobbi, who wanted a divorce (unknown to the Skrulls). After a while, Bobbi overheard Tigra-Skrull and Hawkeye-Skrull arguing about how to handle Bobbi, and so Bobbi discovered the truth. She attacked both Skrulls and then escaped the compound, finding herself on the alien landscape of the Skrull homeworld. For months, even a few years, Bobbi fought to survive alone on the barren landscape, killing alien animals for food. She eventually became somewhat of a Skrull fable/legend, the Robed Witch who scared children at night and snuck in and out of homes, stealing to survive. Meanwhile, the Skrulls searched for her, for once they learned Bobbi's replacement had been killed (by Mephisto), they wanted to replace her with another Skrull. Eventually, Bobbi's instinct for survival took her to the main Skrull base, which she infiltrated by taking the place of yet another Bobbi-Skrull replacement. This was when she stole the computer data she now possesses about dark forces infiltrating Earth and all of the governents and organizations (not the Skrulls). However, Bobbi was captured again and taken before Hawkeye-Skrull, who tormented her once more, but Bobbi attacked him in a rage and strangled him to death, only to be knocked out by a Skrull and likely taken to that ship of prisoners found by Iron Nazi in SECRET INVASION #8. When Bobbi recovers, she and Clint realize the truth about their mission, but Clint is seemingly killed in an explosion, which rattles Mockingbird to the point that she plans to kill Monica Rappaccini, who confronts Bobbi in the final panel. Whew! That was detailed, eh? Wonderful issue! I am really hopeing to see a Mockingbird or WCA ongoing written by McCann, but I hope McCann gets more work because I think he is a great writer who really gets these characters. Ronin/Clint has never been more interesting, and his take on Bobbi harkens back to her early appearances before she joined the AWC. Great stuff!

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #13: This issue was quite amazing. I generally hate Iron Man now, but I like Fraction's storyline where Stark is a wanted man, forced to hide in holes to survive. Fraction had three stories going on in this issue, and I thought he handled them all quite well, successfully flowing from one plot to the next without any problem. Basically, Stark has a price on his head, and Shockwave is the first to try and collect, as he suits up in all-new armor to confront Stark in France. He nearly gets Stark, but Stark turns the tables on Shockwave and takes him down. Meanwhile, it's Maria Hill versus the Controller, who has swarms of people in his thrall. I always hated Maria Hill, but Fraction actually writes her likeable, and I liked the way she fought off the Controller's mind control and ripped the disk right off of her own neck. And elsewhere, Norman Osborn interrogates Pepper Potts (in her own Iron Man armor), who gives him the runaround. However, in the end, Osborn restricts Pepper's activities in her armor and plans to nail her the moment she slips up. However, after leaving, Pepper basically defies Norman and goes off to look for Tony, who's in his hideout, suffering from some sort of violent seizure. And finally, Osborn hands Madame Masque a way to track and defeat Tony Stark once and for all, enabling her to exact some personal vengeance of her own. Or will her past love for Stark get in the way? At last, Whitney is being written as she should be, not as Bendis' pet thug. I am looking forward to reading more of this and see what other villains crop up to try and kill Stark.