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Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2009 at 09:34:52 am EDT (Viewed 30 times)

MS. MARVEL #39: And so, Moonstone begins to look into things that Carol Danvers never finished, starting with AIM. So far, Reed really has a grasp on Karla Sofen's character, and he's making her very interesting. During a report to Osborn, Karla revealed she investigated an AIM secret headquarters. She told Osborn she went in as Karla, but in reality she just busted in and trashed the place. In fact, most of Karla's report to Osborn was a big fat lie, so I find this very interesting. Anyway, Karla soon met Richard Fisher and discovered a shocking surprise -- AIM has taken the MODOC tech and the Storyteller protocols (from Reed's two one-shots featuring the young Molecule Man-esque Gavin) and fused them together, creating Storyteller 2.0, a set of interlinked fetuses with the Storyteller's power to alter reality. When AIM made Storyteller 2.0 send a meteor to New York City to kill off Osborn, who wanted control of AIM, Karla redirected the meteor and sent it crashing into AIM's Atlanta HQ!!! But not before making off with Storyteller 2.0, who Karla now refers to as "her babies". Meanwhile, Agent Sum investigated Karla, while a mysterious alien woman who changed colors each time we saw her came across the other set of Storyteller 2.0. In the end, the mysterious woman attacked Karla, wishing to obtain the other Storyteller 2.0 fetuses.

Whew! What an issue! Once again, Reed is picking up on his ongoing AIM subplot, this time incorporating Storyteller in the process (or rather, once again). So Claremontian. The manga/anime style artwork was not too bad, almost pretty in most places thanks to the colors, but Takeda's artwork needs some polishing here and there.

I'm looking forward, as usual, to seeing what Reed has planned next for Karla Sofen, the new, meaner Ms. Marvel.

NEW AVENGERS #53: This was a much better issue than the previous few. Madame Masque kicked some serious butt here, and I enjoyed her one-on-one battle with Spider-Woman. Meanwhile, seeing the Son of Satan again was fabulous, and he looked a lot like the Hellstrom we once saw in HELLSTORM #1 by Michael Bair way back when. The Anti-Kirby actually wrote Daimon really well, although his usual dialogue for the New Avengers remained interchangeable. Brother Voodoo as the new Sorcerer Supreme? Could work, but I'd rather see another writer handle his journey. I do like Billy Tan's design for his costume and hair, though. Much better than Yu's zombified BV.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #14: This was one action packed issue, focusing on Starlord's group and their failed attempt to get the Inhumans to back down and end the war. Martyr just went nuts and kidnapped Crystal, leading to a huge confrontation between the Inhumans and the Imperial Guard, with the GOTG caught dead center! Meanwhile, the fight between Vulcan and Adam Warlock was wonderful, with Warlock going all Magus-ish. Love this title. I believe it's my second favorite comic right now.

DARK REIGN: ELEKTRA #3: Elektra awakened in the Night Nurse's clinic, after passing out from blood loss last issue in Matt Murdock's office. At first, Elektra was a bit anxious, recalling her torture at the hands of the Skrulls, but just as she and Night Nurse got friendly, the twin assassins Nico and Carmine attacked, with mostly Nico being the one to personally battle Elektra. Apparently, Nico and her brother Carmine once fought Elektra, but Elektra had no idea who they were, so that means that the twins had encountered Siri, the Skrull who posed as Elektra for several years. And apparently, Siri was also responsible for something that made a mysterious someone put an 82 million dollar bounty on Elektra's head. Meanwhile, Siri's body was recovered by Norman Osborn, who learns (After questioning some Skrull prisoners) that the Skrulls tortured and experimented upon Elektra because they wanted to know two things: how Elektra was able to hide various kinds of knowledge inside her mind (and keep it hidden, even through probes and truth serums) and (the bigger thing) how Elektra was able to be resurrected way back in DAREDEVIL #190. They should have asked the Hand, since they had control of them through Siri, but I guess the Hand kept quiet. The book ended with Hawkeye/Bullseye killing Carmine so he could kill Elektra for himself. So far, this has been very enjoyable. I didn't think Zeb Wells was the right person to script Elektra, but he's doing far better than I thought he would. And Clay Mann's artwork is quite enjoyable, too. Two more issues to go!

DARK REIGN: THE HOOD #1: Excellent issue! At long last, the Hood's group finally got to shine, after successfully pulling off a heist. Not only that, but writer Jeff Parker also dealt with something I've wanted to see since this group got together -- some of the bigger guys like the Controller and Dr. Demonicus and Centurious are bickering amonst themselves as to which one of them was smarter than the other and which one could run the syndicate better than the Hood. Finally! Dr. Demonicus and some of these other guys have proven themselves to be masterminds, and The Anti-Kirby has ignored this. Meanwhile, the May-December affair between Whitney Frost and the Hood continued, while old Hood villainess White Fang, first seen in the original Hood mini, made her comeback on the final page.

All in all, a fabulous day of comic reading for me this week!