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Todd Arliss

Subj: The Hood needs more magic-based members to his team;How about these guys?
Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 at 11:20:15 pm EDT (Viewed 28 times)

Even though The Hood is possesed by Dormammu,I still think he needs more
magical additions to his gang. These are the guys I think he should out;

Moondark (long-unseen Spidey/Ghost Rider villain)


Baron Brimstone

Hecate (the alien sorceress who fought the Carol Danvers Ms.Marvel)

The Enchantress (if she's available)

Lorelei (the Enchantress' sister,provided Pluto didn't seal her away
forever in Tartarus after NEW DEFENDERS #4)

The Elementals (if they're still around)

Anyone here think these baddies would make great magical additions to the Hood's gang/army?