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Nitz the Bloody

Subj: Ultimatum #4 Ongoing Death Toll
Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 at 04:17:16 pm EDT (Viewed 430 times)

There's plenty more senseless brutality ( emphasis on the senseless ) in this issue, and these are the latest Ultimate casualties...

SPIDER-MAN: Disappears in a flash of light when the Hulk blows up Dr. Strange's Sanctum, with nothing left behind but his mask. We know for a fact that the Ultimate Spider-Man title will be continuing, but the idea that it will continue without Peter Parker seems more possible ( though the no body, no death rule remains, even in the Ultimate Universe ).

DR. STRANGE: Strangled by Dormammu until his head literally explodes. A mysterious figure teleports his body away, but in the mortal sense of the term, Stephen is dead. Then again, I'm not sure anyone really warmed up to legacy-hero college kid Dr. Strange, so he may remain dead in all senses of the term.

ANGEL: Had his wing bitten off and his neck crushed by Sabretooth. He might survive, but it won't be in a condition with any expected quality of life.

MAGNETO'S ARM AND SABRETOOTH'S EYE: Neither counts as an actual life lost, but as long as I'm totaling up the bloodshed, these deserve mentions.