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Subj: Bloody or bloody disgusting LIST to add too... [IF26 & ATI24 spoilers]
Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 at 07:44:18 am EDT (Viewed 1614 times)

This month has been quite graphic for those not yet desensitized to the onslaught of beheadings/decapitations going on at Marvel...

Liked Avengers The Initiative 24 - but hated 2 things about it. That beheading a vampire (Bloodscream is one, right?) did not KILL it and that they got O'Grady to 'have no problems' with bursting a villains head++ open as a strategy (not sure how he knew Bloodscream would regenerate from it or that killing a vampire doesnt count as a [1st instory] kill).

Did not like Iron Fist 26 - AND hated how Fat Cobra rips AND pulverizes heads of the enemy in disturbingly graphic fashion.

Partial list to add more to:
-Cap using his shield on Baron Blood back in v1#254
-SuperSabre run his neck thru a garotte-line waaay back
-New Excalibur cliffhanger June2007 the beheading of Dark-Cyclops
-C&DP June2007 has Deadpool losing it
-Wolverine June2007 beheads of Sabretooth

Including replies from old post of mine:
-Hulk tore Nightmares head off with his bare hands in the final issue of the Tempest Fugit arc(#82)
-Drax got the Lunatik in the Drax mini, and Loki again at the end of the Thor run
-'Magneto' lost his head, ahem, at the end of the Planet X storyline in New X-Men (the Morrison run), courtesy of a furious Wolverine.
- Balder's angry beheading of Loki in Thor #344 is still my favorite!

New additions:
-Tbolts 131 made me hate DPs character again because of it: (sewn back was too silly after the C&DP precident example
-this counts:
-imm iron fist 14: Colleen cleaves a HYDRA
-NA 40: Dorrek blast a Reed-Skrull
-ms marvel 23 (simon killing brood)
-ms m 39(glowing lady melting heads)
-punisher 5 (does it more cool than O'Grady)
-dr ya 1 (twice almost as good as)
-WOK ascension 2 (Raptors doing it)
-marvel zombies4 #2 (IIRC though probably lots of examples in these minis)
-hulk Broken Worlds 1 (2009)
-mk 30
-gr 35 (is Gross with a capital G - and unrelated cover too)
-wolverine 72 (Red Skullless)
-bp 41 arc(

Add Omar's chock full of [be]heady goodness examples:

And one more robot example in IM 302:

Any other citings off the top of your head?

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