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Subj: Had a question answered in Comic Book Legends Revealed yesterday!
Posted: Sat Jun 13, 2009 at 12:07:59 pm EDT (Viewed 99 times)

Never thought this would see the light of day. I also asked about Cable/Ahab which got answered but was asked by lots of people besides me.

Anyways back in 1997 or 1998 I belonged to an old Avengers forum which Kurt Busiek and Tom Brevoort frequented. I was always asking them to use Starfox. I thought maybe they played a joke on me. but here it is.....

BTW go to pull up Comic book legends revealed. They have a huuuuge archive of excllent stuff!!

COMIC LEGEND: Marvel was planning to turn Starfox into a villain during the late 1990s.


The Titan known as Eros was a longtime Marvel supporting character (mostly in relation to his brother, the evil Titan known as Thanos) when he eventually joined the Avengers in the early 1980s during Roger Stern’s run on the book.

Starfox had the ability to stimulate the pleasure centers in nearby people’s brains. This made them very keen on helping him.

Well, as you might imagine, for a guy like Starfox who was known to sleep with a lot of women (including some of his teammates), later writers began to think, “Hmmm…that’s a little troublesome, as far as powers go.”

In the late 1990s, Starfox appeared with all then-living members of the Avengers when the title restarted with Kurt Busiek and George Perez on the book.

Like most of the Avengers, Starfox was written off in Avengers #4, when Busiek had to pare the group down.

Busiek killed two birds with one stone when he had Starfox and fellow Avenger Tigra go off together on an outer space jaunt.

Tigra and Starfox showed up again a couple of years later in a Cosmic Avengers mini-series, written by Roger Stern…

But in the time between, there was going to be a Starfox one-shot written (and drawn, I believe) by Tom Brevoort’s former assistant (I dunno if he was actually former when the issue would have come out), Gregg Schigiel.

Marvel’s numbers guys eventually killed the project due to the fact that they didn’t think anyone would buy a Starfox one-shot.

In any event, the one-shot had a lot of buzz due to the fact that Schigel gave an interview about the upcoming project talking about how Starfox’s powers would really lend themselves to villainy, now wouldn’t they? Controlling people’s minds and the like. And Schigel said that he would be giving the readers a whole new take on Starfox.

So soon, Schigel’s one-shot became known as a “Dark Starfox” project.

But because of the book never actually being made, Schigel never got the chance to talk about it more than his initial interviews.

So it was left to his former boss, Tom Brevoort, to clear the air on USENET back in 2003…

Since it no longer really matters, there was a one-shot, titled something like STARFOX’S SPRING BREAK SPECIAL, which would have been a light-hearted romp, heavy on the comedy. It also was somewhat influenced by the then-current Andy Kaufman mania surrounding the release of “Man On The Moon.” So when Newsarama got wind of the project, creator Gregg Schigiel gave a bizarre nonsensical interview purporting to tell what the project was going to be about. He intended to keep doing odd interviews about the thing, in order to confuse and befuddle everybody, up untitl the book came out. But at some later date, the decision was made not to proceed with the project, and so all that was left was the nonsensical cover story.

Dan Slott ultimately did a storyline in She-Hulk where he addressed Starfox’s “pleasure” powers.

Thanks to Tom Brevoort for the inside info! That Brevoort’s such a helpful guy, isn’t he?

cool huh?

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