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Subj: How successful would Marvel (or the comic industry in general) be without the solicitations?
Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 at 10:42:02 pm EDT (Viewed 121 times)

I mean, we know months in advance about storylines and the next "big event" thanks to these coming out in Previews or online sites.
And then fandom does one of three things: bitch, cheer or yawn.
Did knowing months in advance about such big crossovers like "The Other" hurt or help Marvel in sales?
Would fans have bought them anyway without knowing about it in the first place?
I'm just thinking about how I went about it 20 years ago -- hell, even 10. There was no Internet in the `80's and I never had access to whatever previews other than Marvel Age, and that was just a 32-page version of the checklist.
10 years ago, I didn't own a computer, and only a couple of my friends had one to play Everquest or Starcraft.  I spent more time at strip bars and playing Twisted Metal 3 than waiting to find out the next big storyline for the fall/winter months.
I remember walking into the comic shop, picking my favorite books and enjoying the storylines so much that it didn't matter if they were involved with an 18-part crossover. (Sigh...X-Cutioner's Song, anyone?)
Now, I can pick up a preview and go, "Oh look, something I don't have to buy anymore."


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