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Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2009 at 10:02:03 am EDT (Viewed 15 times)

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #14: Although I can't stand Iron Nazi much these days, Fraction at least writes the character very well, something that hasn't happened since John Jackson Miller was on the title several years ago. In this issue, Stark, whose mind is deteriorating because he is trying to delete all knowledge of the Superhuman Registration Act (which he placed in his head), made his way to Russia, where he encountered the Crimson Dynamo, who willingly gave Stark his armor because Stark could no longer operate his old one. Meanwhile, after barely escaping the Controller, Maria Hill made her way to the Black Widow, while Pepper Potts (now called Rescue while in her armor) soon found Stark in Russia, but Stark's mind once again deteriorated to the point that he attacked Pepper, forgetting she was a friend! Unbeknownst to them, however, watching them through the scope of a sniper rifle atop a snowy hill was Madame Masque, ready to exact her burning desire for vengeance against the main she once loved that she feels horribly betrayed her. Great stuff, and I'm looking forward to seeing Whitney play out her revenge over the course of the next four or so issues. She's finally being written the way she should be!

DARK REIGN: YOUNG AVENGERS #2: So far, so good. I'm enjoying this new mini foucusing on the "Young Masters", all of who are pretty interesting. I was especially pleased to discover that Princess Python is the new Executioner's mother! Considering Zelda's bizarre taste in men (she was married to the original Stilt-Man for a short while, was with the Gibbon and also was with Relf, the cousin of the Elf with a Gun), I wonder who the father is? Perhaps the Ringmaster? Or, it wouldn't surprise me if it was the Clown! Anyway, the new Enchantress intrigues me, and I am curious about who she is and her origin. I am also wondering what will become of the Masters once this series ends. Nice art by Brooks, too!

DARK REIGN: MR. NEGATIVE: I bought this solely for the appearance of the White Dragon, who I've wanted to see again for years, but I ended up enjoying the entire thing, despite my not knowing anything about Mr. Negative. It was good to see the Lightmaster again, too, although his new costume (which I believe was given to him in CABLE/DEADPOOL) sucks. In addition, it was nice to see the Hood's group branching out, too, as the Hood begins his fight against Mr. Negative, who refuses to bow down to the Hood's "reign".

ALL-NEW SAVAGE SHE-HULK #3: This series continues to be enjoyable, although I stil think it would have been better to use Thundra than Lyra. In any case, during a flashback sequence, we learn Lyra was continually bullied and beaten by the other girls throughout school, mostly because Lyra was the product of a female/male union (well, sort of, anyway). There was also more about the fact that the angrier Lyra gets, the weaker she becomes, an interesting twist on the Hulk mythos. Then, during a flashback to where we left off last issue, Lyra's best friend attacked her, on orders to kill her off by the chief babe because Lyra was now considered worthless. During the fight, Lyra killed her friend and then was taken captive by the chief babe, who ordered Lyra to travel back to the past on a mission that involves Lyra getting it on with Norman Osborn!!!!! The issue ended with, after a run-in with the Dark Avengers, Lyra kissing Norman, locked in full ovulation mode! Just what we need....another Osborn kid! It's still unrevelaed what a union between Lyra and Osborn would accomplish for the Femizons, but we'll find out next issue!

PUNISHER #6: I thought the artwork of this issue sucked, but I enjoyed the storyline anyway. Great to see the Scourge victims back in play. The Miracle Man demanded to be revitalized permanently, but the Hood just scolded him for his trouble. Meanwhile, the Fly also voiced his concerns about the Hood's plans, while Letha wanted to organize the group into a full fighting force. However, Basilisk and Death Adder went off on their own, preparing to kill the Punisher themselves. I like how the Hood told the villains that the Punisher was Scourge, providing nice motivation for the group to want Castle dead. One of the villains looked like Mind-Wave, but I believe he is meant to be the Black Abbott in a new costume. In any case, nice opening to this storyline, and I can't wait to see the once-dead villains in action and play out the big plans Remender has for them!

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