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Alpha Flight(All of them Beta,Gamma, First Flight and the resent team before they died) with a guess appereance by Wolverine. They take on Master of the World and Omega Flight(All of them but Diamond Lil joins Alpha)

Moon Knight

New Warriors

New Mutants/X Force


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Assuming you mean the animated movies...

Marvel Team Up, similar to what they did with the Hulk Vs. movie. Just think, Wolverine and Spider-Man in a movie together. Or Hulk and the Thing. Or Iron Fist and Luke Cage. They could even arrange it so that the animated movies are associated with the movies. When Iron Man II comes out, how about a double feature with Iron Man and Spider-Man, and then Iron Man and the Hulk? When the Thor movie comes out, you could do Thor and Hulk, and then Thor and Iron Man. Possibilities are endless.

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movie(s) I'd like to see

I would love to see a 2 part movie based on the Annihilation event.I would like to see these movies done in the same CGI as the star wars clone wars series on cartoon network. The first movie could be based on the Annihilation prologue and the Nova/Silver Surfer/Ronan/SuperSkrull minis. The second movie can be an adaption of the Annihilation war series. I also think It would be cool to see an ongoing cartoon series based on the Guardians of the galaxy team, but with slight line-up changes.Think of all the cool Marvel cosmic characters that would get some great exposure! I for one get tired of it constantly being the same characters ( Spider-Man/X-Men/Hulk/Iron Man) alwways getting a cartoon series. What does everyone else think ?

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I dont think Moon Knight would do well, considering how dark and violent the Dark Knight was. It would look totally like a rip-off and as much as I love Moon Knight he is basically Marvel's Batman. So no to Moon Knight.

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