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Todd Arliss

I just wanted to tell everyone about a funny dream I had yesterday.

I dreamt that I was reading an issue of either MIGHTY AVENGERS of THE SENTRY,in it the Hood had Gargantua fight The Sentry. Gargantua was real angry at Sentry for some interesting reason (I forget just what) and he beat the crap out of Sentry!

The only other things I remember was that the Wrecking Crew also were in it (which seemed to be the only thing that disappointed about the issue) and the cover had an angry looking Gargantua leering at the reader.

I guess the dream was linked to my wish to see Gargantua in a 616 Marvel
title again and my sadness at the Wrecking Crew's overuse.

Does anyone have any equally interesting dreams about various Marvel titles?

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Gosh, I have dreams about Marvel characters all the time. I wrote some of them down in a journal, so I'll have to check with that and respond the next time I'm here. \:\-\)

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About 9 years ago, when certain episodes of the 70's Hulk TV show was being released on VHS, I'd fallen asleep while watching "Prometheus" and had the TV Hulk chasing me on a murderous rampage. When I say "murderous", I mean "murderous"! This wasn't the TV Hulk in slow motion, picking up branches or car doors, he was fast and powerful and really, really freaky looking. This TV Hulk was tearing up the house I grew up in, chasing my dogs, and had been tossing cars at old neigbors and was especially intent on ripping me in two. I'd managed to escape for a short time with my dogs in a car, until he caught up with me. Before he managed to get his hands on me, all of a sudden, I heard Animal from the Muppet Show shout out "WOMAN!". I turn around and instead of Animal, there was the girl I'd been attracted to at the time going head to head with the TV Hulk. She pointed at me, shouted "WOMAN!" (in Animal's voice) and suddenly I was leaping into the air with torn purple pants and green skin. She'd turned me into the comic book Hulk! Before I could join the fight, the phone rang and woke me up.
Haven't had one since.

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Mikel Midnight

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I had a fairly disturbing one involving Captain Britain on a Crosstime adventure (evoking a sigh from anyone who known my fanfic proclivities). It ended with him and Meggan under arrest and him rolling his eyes internally thinking, "Oh great, now I know I'm going to end up battling another version of myself, this always seems to happen."

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ITEM! I know I've dreamt about Jim Shooter and Harlan Ellison, without ever having met them. But the really weird one for me was a dream I had where Jim Starlin and Bernie Wrightson came into the Government Bookshop where I used to work. They were going through the rotascans that were filed full of comics (as opposed to legislation.)

Hard copy legislation costs more than even comics...

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Evil G:DR

I don't remember many dreams, but thankfully, the ones I do remember are worryingly insane. The only "dream about reading comics" I remember was just before Avengers Disassembled started, and I dreamed the "big death" in the issue was the new King of the Deviants, an all-new villain created that issue, and that people were expressing their anger at this on the Internets.

But twice I remember dreaming I was a superhero or villain, yet rather than being some kind of wish-fulfillment power-fantasy, I got to dream about being crap mockeries of the characters, like dreaming about sneaking out of my workplace to become Venom, and break into a local store to steal actions figures, but they didn't have the ones I was looking for, so I web-swing away, and am really bad at doing so, like painfully slow, and barely above street-level, and terrified that Spider-Man's gonna show up and start hitting me.

And then there was that time I dreamed I was a crap, powerless, "he's really let himself go" version of the Vision, who had been kicked off the Avengers and was trying to sneak into the mansion without anyone noticing, to get all his stuff that was still left there. And got noticed, and it was all awkward. Man, that was a weird dream.

Oh, and then there was the "a new Secret Wars, as an anime show, complete with nonsensical Japanese/Engrish theme song", which is absolutely the greatest dream I ever had in my life, and which I used as the finale for this post:

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I have a recurring dream where I witness Ben's transformation into The Thing. I'm never quite sure what to say to him afterwards.

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Unstable Molecule

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After playing the Gamecube game, "Hulk Ultimate Destruction", I dreamed that tanks and fighter planes were shooting at me wherever I went, so I picked up ambulances and threw them at the tanks.

Sometimes to this day I want to smash into ambulances. That game was kind of messed up (you got little healing globes from ambulances, so whenever you heard a siren, you'd make a bee-line for the ambulance to tear it to shreds).

Just another reason why this molecule is a little unstable.

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