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Subj: The Answer to Dark Reign
Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2009 at 11:56:17 pm EDT (Viewed 201 times)

How's "Dark Reign" going to turn out? Who really knows? The premise is interesting and I really like that Norm Osborn has busted out as a major baddie. But eventually these so-called heroes are going to have to come to their senses and revolt against... Well... The "Revoltin' Development" going on in the MU!

Using the Distinguished Competition as a model, those characters continue to be icons, not at the expense of storyline (usually), but because they always rise to the occasion in a way that somehow... uplifts. Rather than wallow in the soap operatic they drive home universal (or is that human?) values and concepts. This kind of thing takes a story beyond the miasma of human folly and into that of the modern fable or myth. Myths that engender positive not negative feedback, morally and yes, artistically... Financially as well because DC is arguably the largest comic book company in the world... Well I guess DC and Marvel are basically neck-and-neck in that dept.

Marvel can one-up the ethical paradigm because of the sympathetic natures of most of their characters. Having these stories of depravity extend indefinitely does nothing but extend a prolonged fascination with trash and lack of meaning. I mean what is this teaching impressionable teens out there (and sorry teens are impressionable!)? That randomly killing is kinda cool? That cannibalism is kind of "gnarly"? Ridiculous! Stupid! Dangerous!

The heroes must truly return! All of these could band together as a sort of legendary Avengers that comes forth to crush all of this ugliness, all of these self-glorified scummy psychopaths and sociopaths.

That being said, a sympathetic villain (despite his or her depravity) is an interesting villain. I like that Norman Osborn had become a major baddie and an fascinating one at that. I do think that it's ultimately up to Peter Parker to be instrumental in taking him down though. There is nothing wrong with building up to the obvious plot device, that which makes sense. It just needs to be written well.

The names... Captain America, Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, The Hulk, The Black Panther, Pulsar, The Wolverine, The Black Widow, Hercules, The Wasp, Ant-Man (PYM!), The Vision, THE SCARLET WITCH, Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, Storm (who should be an Avenger), The Silver Surfer (as well), Daredevil (ditto), The Beast, Wonder Man, The Sub-mariner (who needs to come to his senses) and The Black Knight. Why not?

All of the above are heroes, more or less and can overcome the pettiness and self-aggrandizement that the villains cannot. To paraphrase, somebody has stated before that there is a "sick stupidity to evil." I would like to see the Dark Avengers, and the Cabal, really the Masters (of Evil) get schooled by all of the above... Someday... Somehow!

I also have to admit that I would like to see the Dark Avengers, etc, taken down "with prejudice"... No holding back on the heroes part and in fact I'd like to see the antagonists treated a bit like they were being given "the finger". Carol Danvers would be particularly good at this as she tells Karla Sofen "F.U." before she "Binary-punches" Sofen's lights out!

OK guilty pleasures aside, I would hope the editors at Marvel are building up to something similar to all of this. Obviously it won't be exactly what I am speculating at, maybe not even close. Still my idea would be awesome if it were penned by a great writer. ;\-\)

But no... We can all be certain that Mr. Quesada and company have an idea of how this thing will pan out and... It might be pretty interesting!

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