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Nitz the Bloody

Sorry to break topic, but after coming here for many years, and having had the comic in my link for eleven months ( despite having worked on it for a year, which is what the anniversary commends ), I wanted to formally put it out there. The strip draws a LOT of inspiration from Marvel comics past and present, so you'll probably find a lot of points of reference from what's on topic ( most notably the Chris Claremont X-Men for its cast structure, and the Ultimate Universe for the military-industrial superhuman stuff ).

Any feedback you have would be appreciated. \:\)

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That was refreshing! You can tell your proud and put alot of work into it!

Good job buddy!

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Nitz the Bloody


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I liked your drawings and especially the colors. It reminded me of crayons but I'm guessing that's not what it is. It made me laugh a bit because it was so melodramatic (and I really liked the hulked out monkey!).I had a hard time focusing in on some of the text because of it's size and I ended up skimming thru parts of it, but like I said I enjoyed the art and I could tell what was going on even if I didn't read all the words.

So far I've only made it half way, but I'll go back and look at the rest later. Good work!


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I read the whole thing today, and loved it when Jens heard the name "Hiro" instead of "Jiro". Nice Heroes reference there.

Nice to know the lead girl can do more than just destroy stuff with her powers.

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