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Subj: The ULTIMATE "Create Your Own Teams" [fun quiz... and yes, teams plural]
Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 at 11:52:32 am EDT (Viewed 226 times)

The rules are simple:
1. You can only use a character ONCE. If Wolverine's in Avengers, no putting him in Thunderbolts. [HINT HINT - Marvel... maybe think about that one, you have SO many heroes, why put one on ten different teams?  That could be ten different heroes... and the continuity... BAH!]
2. That is all. \:\)

From the original concept: a team of superheroes gathered together to take on foes no single hero can battle themselves. This team focuses on events in America... East Coast.
Classic Choice/Former Avenger =
Guns/Power Suit =
Outsider/Never Been an Avenger Before =
Powerhouse/In Emergency =
Street Fighter/Human Hero =
Tech Support/Science Guy =

The "anti-heroes". They don't play right, they don't play fair, and they don't take prisoners. The team that villains fear! This team globe trots, smacking down load-mouths through-out the world.
- Extra Rule: All team members MUST have a "classic" Avengers name; Man-killer must become Wasp, Speed Demon must become Quicksilver, Enchantress must become Scarlet Witch etc. :)
- Extra Rule: Also, all members must be "okay" will killing someone (e.g. no saints, only sinners)

Current Dark Avenger =
Guns/Power Suit =
Outsider/Not a current Dark Avengers =
Powerhouse/In Emergency =
Street Fighter/Human Anti-Hero =
Tech Support/Science Guy =

This team will focus SOLELY in space; and they are the last stand against the Kree, the Skrull, the Shi'ar and the kitchen sink. An ability to breath in space would be a plus ;\)
Asgardian/God =
Cosmic Being =
Robotic/Cyborg/Not Human =
Outsider/Never Been in Space Before =
Space Being (Kree, Skrull, Shi'ar etc) =
Someone WAY Out of Their Depth =

The former villains turned heroes, out to solve the mysteries (think X-factor meets Thunderbolts). Redemption is the name of the game. If a villain or hero needs redeeming, here's the place to come. (the more obscure the better).
- Extra Rule: A-listers NOT welcome ;\)
Former Thunderbolt =
Mutant =
Obscure Hero (in need of redemption) =
Obscure Villain (in need of redemption) =
Size Changing =
Tech Support/Power Suit =


The leader of the mutants (all 200 of them). Time to take a stand, and fight the good fight, and follow Xavier's dream of a world where mutants and humans live as one. This team focuses on events in America... West Coast.
- Extra Rule: Non-mutants NOT allowed.
Former Villain =
Flight/Outcast =
Powerhouse/Omega Level =
Science Guy/Healer =
Telepath =
Young One/Idealist =

Screw Xavier's dream, it's Magneto's dream that rules this day. Mutants are the next stage of evolution; and will not stand for being treated as freaks and monsters! Evil rears it's ugly head, the Dark X-men put it down hard, whether it mutants... or human. It's going down!  This team focuses on place "off the beaten track" (aka Hell, other Dimensions, Savage Land - like a 616 based Exile team, but the origin of all the problems stem from Earth).
Classic X-man =
Former Villain =
Multiple Powers =
Powerhouse/Omega Level =
Telepath =
Villain =

The Black Ops mutants (think current Thunderbolts meets X-men). It's a feral eats feral world out-there. And some mutants don't deserve the chance to see who's dream comes through; Xavier's or Magneto's. It's time to take out the trash... permanently...
- Extra Rule: a "ten kills" minimum is required to be on this team
Kills w. a Claw/Fist =
Kills w. a Gun =
Kills w. their powers =
the Healer/the Innocence... not necessarily a killer =
the "Hero"... slipping into Darkness... not necessarily a killer =
the Wild Card/possible traitor/or insane =

Kind of a "behind the scenes" team; that tackles the mystery and hidden side of the Marvel world. Magic, mystical, mythological and time travel. Beware... your brain hurts from the confusing time line/reversing spells/reversing timelines.
Freak/Outcast =
Mystic =
Non-Human =
Powerful Mutant =
Regular Hero/Non-uber power =
Superstrong =

Young X-men. Young Avengers. Runaways. Avengers: the Initiative. You name it; if it's Under 25's, it's welcome (boy does that sound dirty, I'm 24 so it's not "so" wrong if I say it... I guess... ;)) If drama, social life and boys (or girls... whatever) is all your team can think about, you're on the right track.  This team focuses on the drama of living on a small island off Scotland... random!
the Bad Ass =
the Geek =
the "kid" =
the Jock/Cheerleader (aka the "pretty" one) =
the Mutant
the Runaway =

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