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More of the 4-inch figures; the smaller size seems to mean that they can crank out more of these guys. Some of it we already knew about, but there were a lot of genuine surprises; the Crimson Dynamo, X-Force Warpath, Sunfire, Jean Grey in her 90's apparel, the Vision, Tony Stark's War Machine suit ( the one he wore before faking death, sans the Unibeam he added for Rhodey's much more long-lived version ), and a bunch of Secret Wars figures including Ultron, Amora, Classic Thor, Mr. Fantastic in his dark-blue-and-white 80's suit ( who, along with the pre-existing decos of Johnny Storm and the Thing, makes up 3/4ths of the 80's FF ), and Piledriver of the Wrecking Crew are all represented.

They also have some new 6-inch Marvel Legends after their hiatus, with an even more esoteric line-up standing at attention; Fantomex? Valkyrie? Brother Voodoo? The Hood? Madrox? Bag-Man? Seriously....BAGMAN? I honestly doubt there are enough people who desire a Bag-Man to make the toy profitable, but I appreciate the gesture Hasbro's making to put every single character who ever appeared in a Marvel comic into a plastic 3-D form. \:\)

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Haha - I love the Amazing Bagman! Even though he only appeared in one comic, it was a classic Spidey-Torch moment. I'm also super-stoked for Valkyrie and Madrox.

I wish they'd focus more on the 6-inch figures, personally. Who's the build-a-figure for the next 6-inch line?

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