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Subj: A Tess-1 idea
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Something I posted on the Marvel message board a while back.

It starts at the end of Tess-1's fight with Captain Universe Spider-Man where the adamantium coating saves enough of itself, and like a shooting star from the heavens, crashes into a junk yard that's owned by a mutant named Jake with the intuitive power of improvising who uses his gift to work on cars for customers to make them hot rods, while keeping them within competition levels and listening to heavy metal, and calling his business “The Mad Hotrodder”. There was a time where he was somewhat “kidnapped” by some deviants who learned that he was a mutant and wanted to perform an experiment to see if whether or not the x-gene will stabilize the deviant genome and the head scientist of the program is a female deviant named Zira who looked quite humanoid and was the one to conceive the child, and after that, they bring him back to his home and thank the confused guy. Later, he meets his daughter and learns that because of the randomness of the deviant genome, which is like a flip of a coin, the daughter, Atelidae, didn't inherit the x-gene which made the experiment a failure. The real reason behind this meeting is because the mother needed someone to look after the child as she goes out to do business with other deviant clans, especially the fact that the daughter is a victim of bigotry because of her mixed inheritance. As the years go by, the visits of his daughter becomes longer as the bigotry gets worse until a private and secret military organization called “Forward Strike” is created by the inspiration that something like the Secret Invasion can actually happen and to prevent it from ever happening again by taking down what they consider possible world-wide threats like the deviants. Forward Strike locates Atelidae's clan, captures them, and later locate Atelidae at her father's junk yard, but Jake ends up getting some warning about the Forward Strike, and despite the fact that he's blameless for Atelidae's conception, spending all this time with her made him realize that the moment she was born, he became a father, and so he uses his mutant ability to their true limits to rebuild and hot rod Tess-1 for the purpose of protecting Atelidae while ending up “arrested” for “treason” from a group with no real authority as his daughter and the robot go on the run.

Tess-1's new abilities.

(1)“Weight gyroscope” Which will make it weigh as much as 1 ton which will allow it's new “turbo hydraulics” to do more when it comes to speed and agility that would normally not be possible for a 20 foot robot, as well as be it's source of equilibrium.

(2)“Improvise modules” Which are housed in many parts of Tess-1's body which comes out through the seams and can transform into many things like weapons, scanners, jets, etc, etc, based on similarity and compromise. The modules can also make repairs with tentacles that mend and/or reach out for needed material depending on the damage. Every time this function is use, a computer readout box for the readers is shown with the word “Improvise”.

(3)“Pym particle memory storage” Which gives virtually unlimited memory capacity. There's also the “hyper turbine sensors and processor”. The Pym particles are black market which Jake found hidden in his junk yard.

(4)“Static ionic energy” Think of static electricity, but without the shock, to be used as a shield defense since it lost his adamantium coating with his fight with Captain Universe Spider-Man who had the power to mess with molecular structures and the coating is what saved Tess-1 from that energy that he absorbed for Doctor Doom.

(5)”Turbo hydraulics” It's muscles of coarse, which makes it stronger, faster, and more agile, thanks to some help from the “weight gyroscope”, and when they're made to work hard, like running, leaping, or lifting heavy things, a “hot rod” engine sound is made. When it runs, it bow downs, lifts the head, and brings the arms back while the legs move at an incredible speed.



Only know the character through the bio. Corrections would be welcomed. According to the bio, the robot was a response to a paranoid fear that heroes such as Captain America and the Invaders might turn on the government and try to take over the country which the project was headed by Professor Schumann. I'm guessing that there are possible gaps in the story that can be used without recton some stuff like say the project was abandoned because Tess-1 was a failed prototype and Schumann's source of frustration because of people like Phineas T. Horton and Philo Zog, to name a few, who had some success in the field of robotics. This leads him to continue the work in the Midwest until he dies with no success and ends up in the hands of Richard Rennsalaers in it's first appearance.

Jake ends up using the true limits of his mutant power to rebuild and “hot rod” Tess-1 for the purpose of protecting his deviant daughter from the organization which ironically is the opposite of what it was built to do.

Tess-1's appearance is somewhat different like the arms are similar, but the shoulder and elbows are like balls and the fore arms are smoother and mostly cover the elbow balls, while flames are painted at the end of the fore arms. The hands are black and has a thumb and two fingers. The legs are similar to the arms when it comes to looks while they are legs and feet.

The head is the same, but the bottom is somewhat cut off to reveal a somewhat thin neck and the white dots of the eyes can now move.

The middle are is similar, but there's a black seam where the abs are which allows the top part to spin around like a top, while the hip part is more like a stem for the hip ball joints to connect. On the chest is it's name painted on.

The personality of Tess-1 is the same, machine-like with flaws, which forces Atelidae to be more then just the damsel, but the one who holds it's “leash” so it doesn't go too far in it's actions. Don't know if Tess-1 ever talked, but in this it uses one word at a time, instead of whole sentences like “Eliminate.” “Protect.” “Yes.” “No.” “Search.” and other words in a machine-like manner.


An experiment to see if the x-gene could stabilise the deviant gene pool but ends up in failure because the randomness of deviant DNA ends up rejecting the x-gene, like a flip of a coin. Despite not being a mutant, she is a deviant with powers like having a body that's similar to a spider-monkey's, including athletic abilities, and hind legs, somewhat rabbit-like, where the feet's joints are so springy that it allows her to leap great heights. Her head is similar to the elves of Elfquest as a start, but the skin tone is yellowish and her eyes are like black pearls, while her hair is long, black, and wild, also, she has canine teeth which are shown when she opens her mouth. She's 12 years old.

Because of her mixed inheritance, she's been a victim of bigotry of her clan. Like for example, she has a photographic memory which allows her to do well in school, but instead of being praised, the teachers complain to the mother for making the other students look bad. This is one of the two reason why her stay with her father became longer and longer, while the other reason was her mother's business with other deviant clans and couldn't trust anyone from her clan to look after Atelidae's well being while she was gone.

After her clan gets captured by the self-righteous Forward Strike and then her father, she and Tess-1 end up going on the run while having to keep an eye on “Tessy”, a nickname she gave it, because it still has some of it's flaws.


A mutant with the intuitive ability of improvising who kept his powers after M-Day but likes his privacy. Father to a non-mutant deviant girl who wasn't a fault for the pregnancy, but time with her made him concern for her safety like a parent when a self-righteous organization called Forward Strike is after her kind which is why he went to lengths to rebuild a killer robot that sometimes malfunctions.


A deviant scientist and mother of Atelidae. Her daughter was part of an experiment to see if the x-gene could stabilize the deviant genome but failed when the child didn't inherit the gene. Personality is kind of indifferent-like, like all work and no play, and there was a “cultural misunderstanding” during Atelidae's conceiving since deviants take no pleasure in “mating” and only do it to continue the race which is probably rare since deviants seem to have a much longer lifespan then humans, while humans do at times enjoy it and you can guess the rest which leaves something for Jake to brag about if he could find something who would believe him. Zira looks a lot like Atelidae except she's much more humanoid-looking.

Forward Strike:

A private and well equipped organization who strive to prevent another Secret Invasion and consider the deviants, as a whole, as no different then the “cult” of skrulls that tried to take over the earth. They capture Atelidae's clan who have been keeping to themselves unlike some deviants. The leader, Thomas Graveton, has no problem using lethal force on deviants and has a saying “If it ain't human, then it ain't really murder.” and plans to interrogate and torture the deviant captives for their plans of conquest, which they haven't made, and secrets, which they don't have, but he thinks they are a true threat to the world simply because they're deviants. Tracking down Atelidae and her robot soon becomes personal since every form of cutting edge technology that Forward Strike sends after them gets plowed down by the “heap of junk” World War 2 robot like a “righteous metal machine”.

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