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Subj: Spitfire's vampirism
Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 at 02:17:33 pm EDT (Viewed 154 times)

You think this partly vampirism is the result of Spitfire's second vampire bite that she received from her distant cousin Katherine Ainsley-Jones from the Immortalis limited series from Marvel UK in the 90's?

According to her origin, it was a mixture of Baron Blood's bite and the Human Torch's artificial blood that gave her her super speed, but even after a second transfusion of Torch's blood, she still showed no vampiric characteristics and getting bitten again by a vampire would be like adding more of one of the two ingredients that gave her her power and she seems to have gotten much, "much", faster then before which may perhaps be because of her now mystical nature which gives her fangs.

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