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And really, it is the things we hate that spur us to speak more than the things that we love. You don't see me hanging out around Kate Bush message boards much because everyone there loves Kate Bush, so what more is there to talk about?

But at a comic message board the hate can flow like a river of molten tar.

And gosh darn it, I despise Sentry.

Anyway, here is an excellent editorial about why Sentry sucks:

His point about the danger of retconns rings true. I thought the X-Men's Vulcan was a horrible character, the third Summers brother no one ever met...Oh, wait, but Xavier knew him, he had been a part of a forgotten group of X-Men!

People wuv the new Captain America, but Bucky's death was an integral part of Cap's origin and as well written as he is I just can't accept him.

Anyway, here is another blog article:

Feel the hate swelling within her. I love it. Very interesting observations about the Scarlet Witch, btw.

I am forty two years old and I am well aware I am no longer the target demographic, but who the hell was Sentry aimed at? Who actually liked the guy and why? The MU never needed Miracleman or Superman, it did just fine without uber-powerful characters not named Thor.

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I read it in trade about a year or two after it came out. I thought it was pretty good. I didnt much care for him after his being shoehorned into New Avengers. I thought he was sorta interesting in Dark Avengers but I stopped reading that book after it crossed over into X-men. Seige was terrible and I'm not sad to see him go.

I think the Sentry started out interesting but was run into the ground and when they finnally killed him it was a mercy killing.

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I never had a problem with Sentry. Outside Spider-Man, I can't really call myself a 'fan' of any heroes. I see american comic books more as modern day myths. They are similar to the ancient sagas of the norse or greek gods.

I think a lot of this 'hate' stems from people feeling Sentry is stepping on their turf so to speak. What? He is more powerful than Thor? Hulk? No way! And the hate ensues.

Then you have others that I can more relate to. The thing about Sentry being "shoehorned" into the Marvel history. But since only a few remembers Sentry from "back then", does it really matter? It certainly isn't the first time stuff has been retconned, or some pivotal event way in the past has been altered to suit the introduction of a new character. Brubaker for example, basically re-wrote the entire Cap - Bucky dynamic during WW2 (changing it from campy to cool), and then even brought him back. But I have no problems with it.

Instead of turning Sentry into another hero, he was turned more into a plotdevice leading up to Siege. I still see a room for him to return, if they do away with the Sentry/Void dynamic, and give us some more permanent answers.

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Omar Karindu

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There's also the problem that he was so much a character of absolutes that he tended to dominate any story in which he appeared. A lot of plots really did come down to the Sentry deciding to resolve the problem of the moment, meaning every other character wasn't just outdone...they were utterly inessential.

He was also an absolute in characterization, with Silver Age Sentry as a pure good and the Void as utter, unmotivated wickedness. The character in the middle was more complex, but most writers seemed to want to tease the one-dimensional, omnipotent villainy of the Void as often as not.

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I enjoyed the first Sentry series, but it just seemed like Marvel had no ideas or plans for him after the sereis he was just around.

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Good points there. I guess I grew a bit tired of the whole Sentry-Bob-Void thing, at least when we never got any answers to what really made him tick and so on. As someone posted under here, sure we can just accept that Bob was a crazy guy that drank a super duper serum. But there have been too many conflicting origin stories, too many hints at his power being something more than that.

Had they (say, after 2-3 years) finally let the genie out of the bottle, then great. But since they didn't, we are left with a sort of "well, what was that all about" feeling. I think Bendis came with a very promising idea early on in the New Avengers, during the 'Sentry' arch. There it was hinted at that the General had corrupted him somehow. But I suppose this can still be expanded upon, should he be brought back. Maybe the Avengers find the General, and discover what he had done and so on.

If Sentry is brought back, I'd like to see the Sentry and Void as two separate entities. Void can be a great villain, if he is toned down a bit. Sentry can be a great hero if he is toned down a bit as well. So they don't become walking plot devices that the writers need to find a way to do away with every time.

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Ha-just like several of the replies say it makes more sense than the actual dialogue in the comic,pretty funnt too. \:\-D

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I do seriously hate sentry in the main MU, which is odd as I enjoyed all three of his limited series.

The problem with sentry in the main MU is four fold.

1. HERE HE IS, LOVE HIM: Marvel had this odd problem for a few years. Instead of their usual method of annoyingly overhyping already popular characters they tried hyping characters no one likes hoping they can create artificial popularity. Sentry, Penance, The Order, Gamma Corps, Omega Flight, and Wraith were all titles or characters who got a dose of hype that didn't match fan feelings. Fans decide if the character is loved or not, not creators.

2. LETS REMOVE EVERYTHING THAT MADE HIM WORK: Their is a sort of hypocracy to the sentry. He was presented as the greatest hero ever who'd rise to any challenge even if it is himself in the past, but in the present he merely cowers, or worse, acts dangerous. Yet people still treat him as the greatest hero ever. I am sorry, saying a hero is the greatest does nothing, he has to show his greatness.

3. INCONSISTENT CHARACTERIZATION AND ORIGINS: So one book says sentry only does good and cannot do evil and him and the void counterbalance each other, in another sentry nearly destroys the world fighting the hulk. In one book he is given the sentry formula, in another it was a drug addict stealing it, in a third his powers were from a cosmic force from another universe or such. The voice can be his dark hallucinations come to life, or the gangster who absorbed him. People kept recreating sentry without caring for inconsistency.

4. LOOK OUT! VOID!: The constant fear of void from everyone is annoying. Where is the brave robert reynolds who faced down the void in that final stand in the original sentry. Instead everyone cowers around robert as if he is a loose cannon including robert himself. A threat that big should have been dealt with. What happened to the brave robert who confronted his dark side.

5. SENTRY WHO?: This inconsistance left alot of fans guessing as to who the sentry really was. After all such obvious gaps must be a puzzle to be solved right? Sadly his death (which was a good thing) left us unable to find out and likely rules it out. But guessing theories as to who he may be and why was fun. From the overdone beyonder theory, to my favorite one (sentry as franklin richards, i like that better than my own) to my own theory.


I am not sure if I said this, but my own theory on sentry is this. Sentry was robert reynolds, a heroic man dealing with rather depraved voices in his head. One day he got captured by the gangster who is the void who absorbed his powers. (as shown in age of the sentry).

Little did the gangster (whose name I forgot) know, Sentry's powers were tied to him completely so he absorbed not only the powers of robert but his body and mind as well. Thinking himself to be the sentry, with time this being could have eventually settled out his confused mental issues and maybe even seperated. But others intervened to change that. First The General has Mastermind capture Sentry and in this confused state merged Roberts depraved hallucinations with the gangsters personality. This created a more unstable and demented version of the void. the type likely to obliterate the earth and keep a dead cat around his lair.

The next things that happened was Reed Richards discovering sentry is the void and making "Robert" forget about sentry (and thus the void). Given how the void was originally a seperate entity this created a further division in Roberts mind which increased his insanity and forever kept his merged mental state from reaching a point of stability.

Instead of the personalities either seperating, or robert merging with the gangsters good aspects. It resulted in an inner imcompatibility and sense of self doubt and self conflict (which his knowledge of being the void magnified), That kept Robert from ever being sane and stable again.

If Robert/gangster didn't have their minds messed with they may have eventually reached a more stable state of being.

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